hopes and fears, not necessarily relationships | Reviewer: infiniteaegis | 2/10/08

Maybe I'm unschooled but I don't think of relationships when listening to this song, but rather the maturation, typical cycle of growing up, experiencing life, and encountering the great hope that there is something out there, and at the same time, the deep fear that there isn't, and wistfully thinking back to chlidhood days when the world had a certain stability, and mystery, that lended you a nostalgic happiness.

stop and think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

This song is utterly amazing it makes one stop and think and not to mention the catchy tune, the first time I ever even heard the song I knew it would be my favorite, you guys rock

Memories | Reviewer: Luiz | 1/17/08

Heard this song yesterday and today over 100 times... wanted to break up with my mistress... But love was greater. So, this is not the end of everything we know... yet.

we are sexy, so are you | Reviewer: robirtinissexy | 12/14/07

i love this song, lesbians like to listen to it, i think that keane is really hot, i like men who have hairy legs, they need to wax them with turtle wax with me in a tub of liquid tic tac jiuce.

REAL LOVE-LY | Reviewer: `johanneke | 12/7/07

I loved it...it`s special for me!!! My lovely boy friend give it to me. Realy love! Wonderful song....Glad, happy, love..All..Yesssssssssssss. Thanks Keane

...the best! | Reviewer: Marichi | 11/25/07

I love it i just love it, i could play it again and again but wont get bored listening to it. Well done! I'm your numero uno fan!!!!

sad | Reviewer: singing mad | 11/8/07

when i sing this song it makes me think of mine n my childhood boyfriends special place in the playground, the second bush in the nature trail, great song

Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

When I read this it like reminded me like of this time I visitd my boyfriends brother like and like his place there was this smell of semen and it was like really strong?

Comments | Reviewer: dino | 11/6/07

I love this song, hust that, I heared when I was in Highscool, and then, in simply words, I've loved ...

REBEL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/07

you are the rebels, you are the courageous ones, you dare to catch us from the deepest places, that even we dont know they exist. keane.. keane.......