Singstar | Reviewer: Emilie-Rose | 5/26/07

I heard this song for the first time when my sister sang it on the playstation ... i have to say it was horrible but then i heard the original song and i loved it =)

Wow | Reviewer: Maggie | 5/19/07

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.
It's fantastic.

Beautiful and if you let it get to you, it you hear understand why it is. | Reviewer: Tim | 5/19/07


I embarassingly first heard this song being covered on American Idol but I have to say the real artist has a better vocal on it.

This guy sounds eeirely like Freddie Mercury of Queen. If you like this tune, try some of Queen's more soft and obscure tunes (like 'Play the Game' 'Radio Gaga' 'Who Wants to Live Forever' 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' 'My Melancholy Blues' 'Nevermore' & 'Love of My Life') and you'll hear why the two singers are very alike in tone, mood and quality. (Mercury may be the better singer of the two because he's got an ultra-high note ability that can put his music into another catagory of good). Keane is still unique in some respects on his own and deserves his credit.

awesome | Reviewer: dale | 5/19/07

I dont care for the new bands...but this song is fantastic.....words, melody and vocals

Luv it | Reviewer: ??????? | 5/10/07

When i first heard his song on t.v. i luved it then when the cd came out i bought it i luv keane and always will but im sad that the band is breaking up :'(

deep | Reviewer: Jodi | 4/30/07

Such a nice song. Really makes you stop and think about whats going on around you so you can stop and take in everything that actually matters. More like the simpler things in life.

Excellent! | Reviewer: Kevin | 4/29/07

Blake Lewis sang this on American Idol and he was as fantastic as the song!

Beautiful and Haunting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/07

The first time I heard this song was when Blake Lewis sang it on American Idol. He won me over as a fan with his song. I can't bring myself to delete that episode. Now I'm ordering the CD. It is one of the most haunting songs I've heard in a long time - it just stays in my head and heart. Brings back so many memories.........

somewhere only i know | Reviewer: anika | 2/17/07

where have you gonne? sometimes i think that this song is about me. i was listening to it when i saw HIM walking with another girl. it hurts... i'll forget the place only we know

Grey's Anatomy | Reviewer: Merideth | 2/18/07

this song is awesome . it was also on greys anatomy. i love this song!