Keane | Reviewer: person | 2/20/10

I discovered this song while watching the second episode of Grey's Anatomy, and that led me to discovering my now all time favorite band Keane. Their music is what got me interested into music, before that all i did was read :). I hope they keep producing music like this, I think it'll make the world a better place ( it already has I'm sure ).

inside of me | Reviewer: ozlem | 1/22/10

when i ve heared ''somewhere only we know'' i just feel love really inside us with everday after all it now i am listening it for my bf every every min. a crash inside of me we try to begether cos he doesnt understand that ı love him much more than life dont know what gonna be but surelly ı dont wanna lose him

insightful and touching | Reviewer: wallya | 12/7/09

Keane is a band I recently discovered. They've been around awhile and even though these young men are not wise in years their lyrics have wisdom beyond their ages. This song reminds me of an old man who lost his love many years ago and wants peace befor he dies. That's what we all want ultimately. These guys must have spent alot of time with their grandparents....Good job Keane; and keep it coming!

1214 | Reviewer: chasingpavements90 | 12/7/09

Reminds me of a girl I had met. It turned into a relationship where we could mutually confide anything with each other. It hurts to lose a relationship with someone you feel so happy and content just to be breathing next to. All I'm left with now are bittersweet memories I will never forget and always cherish. Old Feelings and senses that stick around forever. It ended abruptly due to bad habits I could not change for her and shared stubborn words I had said and never ment. Don't let pride get in the way of your love. Love like you don't have tomorrow with her. Have no regrets and be true to yourself. Never let pride get in the way and leave you standing alone to deal with unanswered questions.

I'm sorry for how it went.
We were something else.
If it happened now it's too late.
I'm still recalling dates and times that feel like they never happened.
But there'll always be the places we used to love and know.
My heart will always be there.

Unfinished Love.. | Reviewer: Rach | 11/29/09

This song reminds me of my exboyfriend. We dated for just over a year, and we promised eachother forever and oh so much more. I seriously thought he was the one. But we're both still growing up, and it pushed us apart. We get more and more different everyday. I was trying to adjust to it and keep our Love alive. But he didn't want to adjust anymore. So he broke up with me, and now there's all this unfinished Love. And now I don't know how to forget him. There are so many places I pass that I consider to be "Our's". And so many sweet memories that break my heart. I want him back so badly but he won't even talk to me barely. I wish Love wasn't to complicated. Miss you babyboy. I'll always Love you xoxox.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

This song makes me think about my boyfriend going to uni next year. I really dont know what am i going to without him he is my best friend and it makes me cry everytime i have think about him going away. I know he has to but I am going to have to let go of something so close to my heart.

Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/09

sometimes when you've shared special memories with a person that makes you feel happy in your own secret place...but it doesn't work out...and u pass by that place always recalls bittersweet memories...u smile at the sweetness, and ur heart breaks on the inside.

i love you - always and forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/09

Reminds me of my exboyfriend of 5 years. we dated really young and we had to grow up so eventually we broke up. It was inevitable but I really loved him at that time. Although we are now completely different people, living in a completely different country - there is always a part of my heart that he has. He told me that, he will be happy for me, if I marry someone else and not him, as long as I am happy - he will be happy for me. Sometimes, when you love someone - you have to let them go and if it's love, it will come back to you. Never forget how to love because to love is a gift.

love | Reviewer: love | 10/13/09

This song reminds me of my ex-boyfriend who's a very good person and I couldn't forget about him at all since we broke up. I didn't treasure him well in the past and it is too late when I found how much I love him.. He attached this song in his blog. Although we still communicate with each other sometimes, he said that before that he won't come back to me. But, Is it possible that this song is kind of hint? Or maybe..I'm thinking too much..

a place of escape | Reviewer: lost soul | 10/12/09

this song reminds me of a ex-girlfriend we were togeather for three years and we just broke up and never talked or try to work it out so its like unfinished love between us but were to different people now but when i hear this song i can just go to that place that only we know, a place i wish to be again...... i miss u babe....xoxox