The best! | Reviewer: Vips | 12/14/04

This is the best song i ever heard, i herad this song on royal Brunei airlines an i was kinda like listeneing to it everytime it plays again, i jus love this song

Somewhere only we know | Reviewer: Davo!! | 12/11/04

Somewhere only we know is the best song EVER!! period! i don't care WHO you are!

Revirew of Keane | Reviewer: Kathy | 12/8/04

I just absolutely LOVE the song "Somewhere only we know". It got stuck in my head which makes me feel like singing it all day long. Hats Off to Keane. A GREAT JOB.

Keane is the best band ever!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Dennis | 12/3/04

I really enjoyed listening to all their songs- but this being the first, I have to say I liked it a lot. This group can go far- I love Keane! Their songs are so original, who would think of these things? It's beautiful, and I fully suppoort Keane and their work.

big keane fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/04

when i heard this song i had thought, wow these guys are really good and i hope they get more succes with 'everybodys changing', i also enjoy that song and i hope to get the cd for christmas

From Latin america | Reviewer: Karla | 11/21/04

Keane's song "Somewhere only we know" definitely gets to your heart, the piano melody is relaxing, and the voice of the singer, in my opinion its just beautiful and sweet, peaceful music, but even thought its brit pop, I don't think it should be compared to Coldplay, since, if you hear them, Coldplay's strong point in music it's the bass, and keane doesnt even have one, I recomend you to get their album "hopes and fears", and to visit their websites to learn more about them :)

Very nice song | Reviewer: Jeremy | 11/16/04

I first heard this song a few nights ago on my digital music channel on TV, and I liked it a lot. I downloaded it right away, and I like it even more now. It's got great music, and depending on how you interpret the lyrics, they can be very saddening. But either way, I definitely like it. I need to check out more of Keane's stuff.