i miss it all :( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

I heard this many years ago, and eventually kind of forgot about it. Then I heard it in the winnie the pooh commercial, and it really hit home. I'm going to a completely different school next year, after being at a preforming arts school for many years. I'm leaving all of them now, and its really depressing because they are all like family,even if I didn't really know them that well, and ill probably never see many of them again. :( I really wish I could restart, or do something to make time slow down, but I can't. Its awful :'(but its an amazing song, and I can't stop pressing replay, even though it hurts to. It really did make me cry, and I tear up a little every time the commercial come on :/ and if u have a minute why don't we go, talk about it somewhere only we know.. </3

Whach the Pooh bear movir trailer! (the new one) | Reviewer: Taylor McQueen | 4/7/11

I love this song. Especially when they used it in the new Pooh Bear Movie trailer. That trailer made me cry because of the use of this song. Look up winnie the pooh trailer and u can hear this song and c the trailer. I is so sad. Poor Eyore!

niki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/11

i like this song too, but i can't say that it is near the my soul, because i loved one boy, we weren't together, we hadn't nice minutes together like u my dears..:) if you want... listen some musics of coldplay, they ar realy nice too... For ex. Fix you-i'm lovin it :)

for all i feel | Reviewer: annak | 12/31/10

This song makes me cry. It has all the words i want to say to him. I would like to have the power to freeze moments of true love and happiness and keep them for ever. But he comes and goes and it doesn't matter how many years have passed the feelings are exactly the same as the first time...All the feelings are the same, the love, the pain, the emptiness.. It's a twisted universe!!!

SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW | Reviewer: s@rit@ | 12/2/10

the music is really wonderfull i like the muasic i like tobe a singer in the future the music is my passion for that my friends dany and eliana and me created songs in different lenguages for our band we hope that any producer that hear us...is our dreamsss...thanksss

for R | Reviewer: ionel | 11/27/10

I may be tried the forbidden love and that s why I feel this song so deeply inside me. In these last days, when could be the end of everything, I m thinking of a space only we know where our love is ok, where all my sadness turns into happiness ...

Bittersweet memories.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/10

The only thing this song reminds me of is my ex boyfrnd.He wasn't just a lover.He was my best friend.I didnt neeD anythng else.I shoved evrythng away cz he was my evrythng.Now i lost him...n i was to blame.Losing him i lost myself.He took my heart n i don't know how i'd love withouT it.My last wish before i close my eyes would be to see him n apologize once more as i would not forgive myself even if i were to live a million years..He deserves better...The pain would be a part of me for life..n this song reminds me so much of what im going through...makes me cry all the time..:'(:'(

Promises =') | Reviewer: Josselyn | 8/6/10

This song reminds me of my ex bf.. we were together for about 4 years.. unfortunately he was living in another country, and I only saw him once in my life.. bt we had love, we had magic.. but we grow up n that "puppy love" went away... he moved to another country and changed a lot.. he wasnt da same with me anymore.. and i always tried to work out our relationship but yet he ddnt give a fuck about it anymore.. i end up breakin up wit him 2 weeks ago.. and i really miss him.. we promised a lot of things together ='] i really thought he was gonna be the guy who will take me to church n get married but reality slap me.. i miss u jesus.. even though i kno u wont read this... ='(

somewhere only we know | Reviewer: dai sui | 7/18/10

such a romantic song of mine.
i love a girl, i am very sure i love her.
yet, i got another one which i am owning for long. i miss that girl every second, i felt so hurt while she was in trouble. I want all her pain to me but all my happiness to her. i never feel that before. i felt so sinful to my existing girl. i can do nth.

this song is great. so, why dun we go, somewhere only we know? I can only stop, in order not to hurt you further. i know i can comfort you in a minute, but while i am away, you pain will last for long. I want to go somewhere, ONLY WE KNOW.

:D | Reviewer: you will know! | 3/22/10

this song reminds me , my best friend , we had a relasionship last year but it doesn't work , I really would like to try again , because a love like we have it's no so easy to find ... but I don't know what's thinking him about it ,I know God ... always have reasons to make things happen ... but I really want this forever!