Brilliant! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/06

This song is incredible ... if you get the chance to see their performance from Live 8, you will love the song even more!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Cynthia | 6/7/05

I absolutely love this song, this band...the entire package! It stays with you like a soothing dream...incredible~

Beautiful | Reviewer: pink | 4/18/05

Wow this is such a beautiful song.....It is very relaxing
Keane ,Good job!

this song rules!!!!! | Reviewer: Rudy | 4/4/05

First time i heard this song i loved it! it is SOOO AWESOME I GOT THE CD AND IT RULES TOO!!!!!!

Stopped In Tracks | Reviewer: Gnat69 | 3/30/05

I was given the song and no CD, I stopped in my tracks when I heard this song,now I can't stop playing it. I love it so much, now that I am older the song really makes sense since I am looking for simple too.

Fab!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/05

so relaxiing to listen to, it fills you with memories and has alot feelings to it.its a type of song thatyoucan neve get bored of and makes you want to go to sleep.Im a big rock fan but i love Greendays style its brilliant!

Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymus | 3/3/05

IT just keeps playing in my head all day long. It evoques so many feelings....I just love Chaplin, his voice is so sad and sweet. First time I read the lyrics I cried. It was very why dont we go?

the best song i ever heard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/05

i first heard this beautiful song when i was in the uk and i was working in the students' union pub at that time. the song is a little bit sad and reaminded me of my ex-boyfriend. there were many places that only we knew...

Damn good song | Reviewer: snowmaple | 2/18/05

I first heard of song from radio and felt a little but long lasting sad every time I heard of it. This must be the fears part of life. I love it. I hope Tim can write more beautiful songs!

A song for a former love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/05

This song fills me with images of unresolved love from another time and another place. This was the one true love that has come into my life. There were a lot of places that only we knew, and a lot of times that I asked her to let me in to her heart.