He never opened his eyes | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/2/2008

It is a reckless thing love.
A wretched circumstance to whom encounters its impaling elements of desire and complete adoration for another, completely. "Pleasure is wild and sweet and I have learned to value her friendship not her techniques"
When you listen to the song you will come to terms with the feeling that you can only love that way once and there is no going back no matter what you take or do to your self. "It is gone if he/she is gone". I like to put it this way. "When we are weak and we hit the floor we can be put back together but not the we were before". Every time I hear this song something in me move funny thing is...I'm not pregnant.

MY life=KEANE's SONGs | Reviewer: Clarence P . G | 3/19/2008

It Depicts my love life and what she's being doind to me entirely.I've been goin like this for 7 long years...do i have to be like this for my entire life....wat I can't put into words,dat's wat KEANE has done thru this song....
I die everytime I'm listening to this one and the rest of their other songs too....
I think they kno me.Quite a coincidence that every song is a refelection of me and my life.

She Opens her eyes | Reviewer: McCall | 6/27/2007

Even though this song is directed from a boys point of view towards a girl i can see where it can be taken as any person to another figure.
How often do we wait for people to see that we're standing RIGHT THERE? how much life do we waste on the way??
Will they always take us for granted