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Performed by Keane

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Espléndida!! | Reviewer: Jussemper | 10/12/11

Hi there... I've loved Keane since the band's begining... I know all of their songs, love most of them, but particularily this song is the greatest one in every sense and make me cry every time I listen to it. Please, Keane, come to México.

Just Great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

I was studying Geology yesterday and was searching on wikipedia, and in some weird why I ended up listenning to this song. I really like Keane and thought, until yesterday that I had heard all their songs.

This is one of my favourits!

The Sweetest Band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/09

keane is so awesome they relate to everybody and the fact that their unique by not using guitars is amazing. =) though this isn't my favourite songs (i seriously love them all) it has wicked lyrics.

Its a cool song of my KEANE | Reviewer: Nguyet | 5/17/09

lol not only Blake knew this song after having been loving KEANE for a also ...i love them ..but i only had that song yesterday i love this song so much cool it is ...i wish i could see n watch them live ^^ ..dream with a VN gal right ? ^^eventhough now im studyin in Russia..but hardly see them here ><

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Blake | 2/9/09

I love Keane and I have for years but just this week I found this song (weird huh?)IT IS THEIR BEST SONG. It makes me feel so chill inside and reflect on whatever has happened in my life. P.S. THEY NEED MORE CONCERTS IN THE US!!

beautiful | Reviewer: paul | 10/28/08

this song for me is without a doubt the best track on hopes and fears. the vocals are passionate and heartfelt and i get goose bumps every single time i listen to it which is several times a week. one of those songs that really gets under your skin. beautiful!

lets be honest this song is amazing | Reviewer: veg | 7/29/07

i think that keanes singles and other works added on to the albums are the best that they have, they are an amazing band. and i love them. Rock on keane

On A Day Like Today | Reviewer: Courtney | 2/11/07

This song is suposedly the worst song on the album, but I seriously think it's one of the best. The words, the sounds of the piano...It gives me the CHILLS! I love Keane, (Tom Chaplin is HOT)

Greatest song ever made | Reviewer: gkeern2 | 7/13/06

I love this song, the soft-ness of his voice, the keyboardsound, and piano, are too beautiful to explain, for me, the most beautiful song ever made! (hehe, i'm Dutch, but i learned english on my sucking school!)

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