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Performed by Keane

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I Love Keane | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

I love Keane's songs. They are true and meaningful and tell people a lot about their nature. The Killers are also a great band- you should check out 'When You Were Young' by 'The Killers'
Anyway, great song, keep it up Keane!

Addictive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

I am a British Somalilander who lives in London,and the only thing I can say about this song is brilliant.Tom's voice is so dreamy my god and the lyrics genius.Keane loved you from the beginning and will love you forever what a band long live Tom chaplin.

Nothing in my way! | Reviewer: Dapo | 5/8/10

I first heard this song from FIFA 07 EA Sports too.This song just makes me think....If it's the song being played before starting the game,I always wait till it finishes before pushing the start's that serious!

Lovers at a Great Divide | Reviewer: Raul | 8/26/09

One of the most underrated bands!!! I agree that if they are given credit they be as popular as The Beatles!Well since i live in Turkey too i would love them to come here but its unlikely to happen considering that even i as a die-hard fan of them found out about them EA SPORTS FIFA07 and not many ppl know English here :(so its not possible

Superb Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/08

I can easily say that this song is awesome... Keane does a really GOOD job... But I'd better say that "Somewhere Only We Know" is the best song for me.... Please COME TO TURKEY... WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH

Keane in Angola | Reviewer: Daniel Baptista Gomes | 8/26/08

hey, wordless is how I discribe my feelings for you (Keane)guys.Me and my brother love you that much, take a look around and come to Angola the most inviting contry i Africa. We love cristal ball, nothing in my way, everybody is changing, the last time, Bedshaped.... whatever comming from Keane

Just feels soo good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

I first heard the song from EASPORTS FIFA07. Just had to google the lyrics coz listening to the song just put me in a magical mood. Can't get the CDs in Kenya though. --Amos

I love them | Reviewer: Bittersweet Julee | 1/25/08

well, i´m argentinian and i love this guys they really know what is live about!

my english is not very good, but, i hope you understand myself

very good song, i enjoy myself a lot singing and this is one of my favourites!


Nothing In My Way. | Reviewer: Alex S. III | 1/17/08

This song reminds me of something from the band "YES". Remember them?? It's sort of in the overdrive guitar style, and vocal tracks. Interesting song indeed. Like it, I do!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

their songs are so thrutful
each song has it's own meaning and the music is fab
keep up like this boys :)

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