A Game it was on and- BRILLIANT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

Well, for those who have a Wii, you can buy Battle of the bands, they have many AWESOME songs, including Is It any Wonder? And Photograph by Def Leppard. If there is any haters to this song, maybe try to understand the lyrics. This song is really good, and maybe some people shouldn't compare Keane to U2, maybe they didn't want to seem like U2. Anyhow, I'm 12 and I listen to all these good songs, and I love 80's music. I hate all the Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus etc. that's going on. We should try and keep good songs like this on the radio and try to remember the songs in the 80's. (Btw, i know this isn't from the 80's)So yeah, it's a really good song, and we should let our children listen to music like this.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Koots | 12/17/07

This song sounds so much like U2 its sick! I love it!! Thom Chaplin has an amazing voice! Reminds me of Bono early in his career.

Hmm.. | Reviewer: Kerrin | 9/18/07

Well, I love this song, but I just think their last album was easier to tap your foot to. I mean, sure, this album has great songs, but nothing like the last.
They're both awesome, Keane is awesome. I think we all agree? XD

great song! | Reviewer: Lory | 8/1/07

Keane is such a great band!!! Their sound is really unique and I adore them. This song is great, we all feel like that sometimes...
Great job!!!

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07


Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

I have heard "Is It Any Wonder?" on the radio a number of times (though I can't say they've played it as much as I'd like!) and I must say I am very impressed. After "Somewhere Only We Know" I believe their sound has matured...Not disappointing at all! (Sorry, Sophie!) Anyway, I would listen to as many of the tracks as you can (Sound clips & music videos) and then buy the CD. :)

well...ok! | Reviewer: Sophie | 4/25/07

I think is one of the best songs in this album along with nothing in my way... BUT! the hole record stinks!!! i didn't like it at all!! nothing like the first one, they've absolutelly lost their special touch...i'm very dissapointed =(

Addictive | Reviewer: Tony | 10/21/06

Great song, like the title says, it's a very addictive melody. U2 is a great band and hey, imitation is the, well you know.
Sure to stay in my top ten favorite songs list.

Great song | Reviewer: matt | 6/28/06

my favourite song at the moment. fast in places, slower in places, totally enjoyable.

Splendid Track | Reviewer: Danie | 6/23/06

Definitely has influences of U2 but that's okay, Keane can pull it off. Tom Chaplin's voice is polished, beautiful and powerful. Their ability to create incredible British melodies and blend them into great rock/pop songs is what makes Keane a "must hear" band. It's not your typical fluff music, this is music that truly rocks and has a soul.