No changed views here. | Reviewer: Etech | 4/12/10

Actually, the songwriter of the band, Tim Rice-Oxley, said this in an online interview:

"One of my favourite Keane songs is The Happy Soldier but I read somewhere that you won't re-release it as your views have changed. If this is true, I was wondering what the song is about? and how have your views changed?"
From Imyy, UK
Tim replies: "That’s not the case. It’s a song about a soldier being afraid and wondering why he’s off fighting some pointless war far from his home. I suppose the lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek, which makes them open to misinterpretation. It was one of the first songs I wrote and it’s a subject I still return to a lot, for example in A Bad Dream. I think we may even release it very soon!"

That "very soon" isn't really soon, by the way, this was said on June 18 2009.
The song is quite old, it was the last record with former band-member Dominic Scott. It was never really released, but a few fans got it from some James Sanger CD/website.

Help? | Reviewer: Pipin | 7/7/07

Happy Soldier is an unreleased demo, and is extremely rare due to the fact Keane never want it releasing, mainly due to the fact theyve changed their political stance since recording the song, and the fact it contains guitars.
im lucky enough to have it :D

where do i find this song | Reviewer: Fabro | 5/8/07

Someone tell me what album contains this song, i love keane and i'm trying to get all their songs. i'd be pleased if someone lent me a hand