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Performed by Keane

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Lovely but cruel | Reviewer: Malena | 11/7/07

Someone told me this is his fave song off the album, and he meant it a certain way. Now that I hear it, it breaks my heart, because I know he meant me to understand it, especially the first part. Bastard.

like everyone else who wrote here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

i feel the same way,when i 1st listened to it i thought i had misunderstood it and the more i listend to it the more i felt that pain at realising i was right about a song that was right about me and the more i realised that the brighter it became that i would actually never be with that person!

I like it even more now... | Reviewer: Jean-Christophe | 10/18/07

Even if I speak English all day at work and with my partner, it is not my mother tongue and I'm not always able to catch all the words when they are sung. Besides, sometimes I just let myself go to the melody and try to understand the lyrics later. To help me a bit I just googled the song and found the lyrics on this site.... And the only thing I can say now is that I like this song even more.... Tears come to my eyes each time I listen to it.

Amazing | Reviewer: Antonio | 10/17/07

An incredible song, every time I listen to it I love you more. ISA you're the best that has happened to me

Hermosa musica | Reviewer: Patricia | 9/20/07

Esta musica es la favorita de mi novio a quien amo muchisimo y quien es churrisimo y divino, es tan encantador y tranquilo, como la musica. Lo amo

just every single line.. | Reviewer: benjamin | 8/16/07

i love this song.. it reminds me of my greatest love... the person's just amazing.. but.. anyway.. it will never work.. but every single line of that song is so embarrasing true and describes exactly my feelings for that person.
how can someone, who i don't know,talk out of my soul by means of the voice of my feelings... incredible!

Oh, my... | Reviewer: mia | 8/10/07

I am listening to it right now...crying...
It reminds of someone who gave me a CD with this song... someone I will never be with...

hamburg song | Reviewer: craig | 8/8/07


perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

this song is just like me and one of my very best friends.

i try so hard to make them happy, but then never really return the favor.

...this song is perfect.

...tears | Reviewer: andreea.badescu | 6/16/07's amazing!i just cry when I hear this song...i cry and i don't know why!it's just blow my soul!...that's a real song!

One of the gratest songs of our times... | Reviewer: INN | 5/3/07

Its just amazing... KEANE is the best band in many many years. the lyrics is just like it was made for me and the situation im living with somebody... Beautiful.

Quiet and Brilliant | Reviewer: cathy | 4/27/07

This is my favorite song off the new album....It is so quiet and sad. The first time i heard it, i instantly knew i loved it. It reminds me of a relationship I once had that felt so chaotic and loud. This song says so much with so little.


Hamburg Song | Reviewer: Leandro | 4/17/07

La mejor cancion de Keane q he escuchado en mucho tiempo, realmente increible KEANE LO MEJOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I no | Reviewer: Ross | 4/1/07

i live only a few miles from where they live..there a hero

a great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/06

Hamburg song has got to be one of the best songs on the new album.
The first time i heard it was back in 2005 when keane came to bristol on the hopes and fears tour. Simply great.
I think i am the bigest fan.

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