great song | Reviewer: rista | 4/19/11

I adore this song... so bitter and meanwhile so hopeful... a kinda breakthrough, some inner tension which resolves happily when a partner is out there... This is a song of going through hard times and can be a great support, suggesting that there's always someone who expect us not to bend and break and at the same time that if your partner has some problems inside we have to wait and to support them. Amazing. Wonderful. And exciting...

Keane Bend and Break | Reviewer: Frank | 9/13/10

This song is about a couple in Love and one of them has alzheimer's. It is about how one day they are completly gone and they don't know anything from the past and the next day they are back for a short time. It is harder on the people without the disease...will they bend and break?? I have been through it....

Amazinggg | Reviewer: Hugh | 6/9/09

This song is so emotional, so brilliant, it really brings to life the feelings it gives to the listener. My baby girl, this reminds me of you, and the love I never want us to break. I will meet you in the morning, when you wake. I love you <3 xxx

Bend And Break | Reviewer: Jazz | 1/2/08

I've only just discovered this song, and all i can say is it is simply amazing :)
The lyrics are so emotional and i can relate to them really well.
Powerful, productive and perfect!

Bend & Break | Reviewer: Jayh | 7/23/07

Already a classic in it's own time. So real. So true. Emotions captured in a song. 10/10. And that goes for the whole album as well.

Just Unbelievable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/07

This song is really really amazing, the volcals, the piano, everyting!!!, and the entire album also

This Song | Reviewer: charlie | 5/16/07

I am from Argentina. This song is really the best!!!!!, congratulations!!!!!

------ About the song Bend & Break performed by Keane | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

bend and break us fucking amazing dude!!
one of keane's best songs
keane fucking rocksss man

Bend @ Break | Reviewer: Nick | 4/16/07

it was the best song that they play in the river plate stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bend @ Break | Reviewer: Timo | 10/31/05

It's a quite emotional and soulful track, it makes nice contrast with the other songs in the album.