I love this song ! | Reviewer: flopy in love | 10/27/07

this song is really beautiful,Keane are an extraordinary band! I think that he has an angel in his voice!
their songs are wonderfully ! I love Keane!
with the sun in your eyes....

this song is amazing | Reviewer: tosi | 9/30/07

I absolutely love this song,bcos this band has put out some beautiful tracks and this is one of their best.

Bedshaped (Ab) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

This song is amazing the lyrics and the sadness in his voice and adding such a video to the song makes i excellent keane keep up the good work its geniousity in this song

ful of a feeling called melancolie | Reviewer: omar_hb73 | 8/28/07

this band is extraordinary amazing at portraying in this song the sense you've got when you miss a person is far in a typical rainy evening after a long journey. They achieved greatness in this track.

love these guys | Reviewer: benn kimmis | 8/17/07

this band has put out some beautiful tracks and this is one of their best. great fucking band thats for sure, im more into progressive rock and metal but these guys are always a welcome change.

concert | Reviewer: Luisa | 8/3/07

I heard this song tonight in their concert in Oporto (Portugal) and it's simply amazing. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

i love keane!!!! | Reviewer: ana maria cotes | 8/2/07

i love keane, and this song is really wonderful and also deep!!! i don't have words for describing it!!

Keane is unique | Reviewer: Paula | 7/31/07

I absolutely enjoy this band, and the singer has the most beatiful male voice I have ever heard. Their music is deep, and relaxing, yet passionate. I love how he sings the part of this song "Don't laugh at me, don't look away", "And on your own Bedshaped, two legs of stone." The pianist is amazing, and of course the had to have drums. Their music is like a cold rainy day, when you are sad, it defines your sadness, but when you are happy it makes you want to go home, get in your bed with the one you love and have a hot cup of coffe.
Keep at it!

Yeah, | Reviewer: Lara | 7/22/07

I absolutely love this song,
I have just gotten back onto Keane, and loving them [But I still am addicted to the Metal],
Anyway, this song is amazing, I used to usually skip it, but now I am in love with it. It's so relaxing & calming,
And the lyrics are ingenious. They have a sort of 'Tool-esc' with the words, or is that just me?

Amazing | Reviewer: Justine | 7/22/07

I saw Keane at the O2 Arena last night and they performed Bedshaped wonderfully. It sounds just as amazing live.

amazing!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

I've always liked Keane..but when I heard this song for the first time, I just confirm that Kean is completely amazing.,..they're so clever and their music is one of the best of the world...

I really love them...thanks for this song guys

i am toatly in love with this song | Reviewer: amelia | 7/15/07

first of all this song is so sad if u think about the lyrics and it rocks i love the sadniss and emotion in this song and i love the lyrics its so passionate and lovely and calm everyone should know about it i love it!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

beautiful song | Reviewer: emily | 7/1/07

:O this is a beautiful song , really , it's my favorite , anda this group is very good , i love it! :) congratulation for them! and all , because i like all his songs , sorry i don't speak inglish i from chile , mm , sorry for this english but , they understand me :) .. well .. bye

I love this song | Reviewer: María | 6/21/07

One of the best songs I've ever heard. Full of feelings

Profoundly moving... | Reviewer: Emiliano | 6/17/07

It took me a while to understand the whole meaning of the song, because I'm not a native speaker... but once I got the real meaning of the song, it made me feel kind of sad at the beginning (I used to think of all the things I've been through) but full of hope in the end.
It's one of the best songs by Keane I've ever heard, together with "Bend & Break" and "Somewhere Only We Know"...

Oh, by the way, Can any of you explain to me what "White light" means??