i used to skip this track | Reviewer: pierre | 5/30/07

now it's one of my favorite songs of all-time. it took me a while to see it's beauty.

Love this song | Reviewer: Tako | 5/18/07

I just absolutely love this song.. It's my fav by Keane.. It makes me cry everytime i hear it, it's beautiful.

rediculous | Reviewer: me Joannabanana | 5/13/07

its funny..it wasn't just me, when it kicks in its just unreal...My heart, my ribs,my spirit..that effects other people the same way--someone said it made the hairs on their arms go up. and then I read the lyrics.what an amazing creation..The video for it is pretty cool too :)

WOW!! | Reviewer: Sophie | 4/25/07

First of all...Paul...is everybody's changing!! not everybody changes! come on! don't give an opinion unless you're a truth fan!!
Second...on my opinion, this is the best song from Keane...and of course everybody's... they make u sing, cry, laugh...Love them!!

Awesome song, | Reviewer: ASH | 4/5/07

This song remembers of my LATE DAD, who passed away last year. When ever I watch the video I start weeping and it has an awesome music, lyrics and visual filled with sadness and frustration.

Looking at the visual I had a opinion like " When a man goes to his peak of success which makes the world jealous of him, and when suddenly when he falls sick and gets into the last stage of life at a early age then the world reacts like how it is visualized towards the end, when he is dressed up and comes out, the world would dump him and get him back to his bed with words.

Conclusion: one of the best portrays about the truth behind life.

I know... | Reviewer: Zeina | 3/27/07

This song is a song that will never be forgotten over days and years. Always when i am depressed i hear it... it gives me hope and joy... because BEDSHAPED shows me that people think that i donot know but i know... i know when they want me and when not...I KNOW...

sad | Reviewer: neil | 3/19/07

such a sad but beautifull song the video is also very very moving

About bedshaped live. | Reviewer: Simon | 3/9/07

In March 07 I was very lucky to go see Keane at the MEN in Manchester. They were so brilliant and this was the final song they played. Its suprising how many people knew the words and the atmosphere was amazing. This was one of the best songs of the evening and if you have seen them live you'll agree with me they are so much better live!

BEDSHAPED | Reviewer: _LAUCHA_ ® | 2/28/07

Les cuento que esta cancion me hizo llorar muchas veces, en especial el ultimo mes que sali con mi ex-novia, Belen. Los dias nublados y lluviosos potenciaban mi tristeza, y esta cancion me daba el golpe final. Es el dia de hoy que veo el video en MTV o escucho el MP3 en casa y se me llenan los ojos de lagrima por todo lo que sufri con mi ex, y por lo identificado que me sentia con el muñequito del video clip. No era fan de Keane, ahora tampoco lo soy, simplemente queria decir que me gusta mucho la banda y es la primera vez que de la nada a querer una banda como Keane, pasa todo en tan poco tiempo.

Saludos desde Bahia Blanca, Argentina...

Dramatic | Reviewer: Katie | 1/17/06

I love this song, not only is it well thought out and composed, it is great for our drama task!
We are doing Lord of the Flies and had to find a linking stimulus. I was just doing karaoke and I suddenly realised how much this really links. I liked it before but hadn't listened to it since our first stimulus. Anyone who knows the novel or the play well will see similarities and hear Piggy and Simon in this song. Especially in the second verse I hear Piggy and in the chorus I hear Simon. I love it and am going to introduce it to my group and hopefully it's going to help us in paper 2 (40% of GCSE)
Love it!

Bedshaped-my favorite Keane song | Reviewer: Rebecca | 9/6/05

First, I love this song, there is so much emotion packed into this song. From the lyrics to singers passion, I always have to listen to the entire song through and I always save it for last.

Someone said they wanted to know what the song meant and I have the meaning directly from the writer...

"bedshaped is about feeling that you've been 'left behind' by an old friend or lover. and about hoping that you'll be reunited one day so that you can live out the end of your lives together the way you started them. i guess there's some anger at a friend who wants to move on in search of new, exciting, more sophisticated things, leaving behind the simple things you used to share....and a hope that they'll eventually want to get away from the bright lights and come back home. it's a sad and angry song, but also full of hope. i hope that makes sense.
# I think i'm right in saying that in hospital when someone is ill or infirm and has to spend a lot of time in bed they can become 'bedshaped'. it sounds a bit depressing...well i guess it is a bit depressing in reality, but in the context of the song i wanted to suggest old age and frailty, along the lines that i mentioned before about two old friends coming back together in the twilight of their lives. it's great that you guys like bedshaped...it's a song that means a lot to us." - Tim - messageboard

simple and touching | Reviewer: aly | 6/15/05

i think this is an amazing song and is very touching and i guess loads of people can relate to it . iy is in a way sad but also makes you feel happy it is pure genius and the lyrics are superb !!

scale or die | Reviewer: noparadise | 5/6/05

Good song interpreted as a fine soundtrack for a deep and quite moving video. Seems to view the possible path of the "outsider" as one that is either redeemed by creative pursuits (e.g. music) or destined to atrophy and death, crucially either option presenting no hope for inclusion in the normal world.

"White light" represents death, alternatively the doomed "salvation" of drugs (q.v. White light, white heat), the ghouls in the blank window of the shop and the transformation of the diners in the restaurant represent the janus faced veneer of normality that we consumers struggle for, keep smiling, they won't sense our fear, our hate, our sense of loss...

i totally LOVE this song | Reviewer: Love KEANE | 2/27/05

i think it is a very touching song. you can hear the struggle of the character in the lyrics. and the tune is really goergeous... and the vedio is very nice too... the claymation technique used to execute the vedio is great because claymation itself gives a ting of melancholy to the vedio... and because the nature of claymation, it is not as smooth as the normal way of computer graphics and hence gives the vedio a special atmosphere of primitivity and reality because there is actually a model of the character made instead of a drawing...

Bedshaped Review | Reviewer: paul | 12/14/04

In my opinion Everybody Changes and Somewhere Only We Know are the standout songs of the album Hopes And Fears. Other songs on the album are good but not great. One of my favourites is Can't Stop Now. But Bedshaped was the third single taken from the album and is somewhat different the first two. It is less commercial and more personal. It has different moods or phases throughout the track beginning quietly and rising to a crescendo when it hits the chorus as previously alluded to. The strange part of the song for me is the beginning of the bridge, which is a voice chorus which unfortunately sounds like a sample from the early 1980's. Maybe this is intended as ironic or has some other meaning to it. But the track quickly shifts from this to the remainder of the bridge which is compelling. The song also ends nicely through the ever present piano. All in all a song that I took time to warm to, but is certainly worth a listen.
I would love to have the lyric content interpreted by someone on this site, or to provide a web address where the lyrics have been explained.