it's a keane song and that explains it... | Reviewer: chrissie | 10/18/04

It's a little bit "Marillion" but with Keane's touch, so it works out perfectly.It's a song to be heard with your eyes closed and your heart open.It almost makes me cry...

A song which has an ansolutely amazing meaningful video. | Reviewer: amy | 10/2/04

It is probably my fave song of 2004 and has an absolutely amazing video. So sad and yet has such a meaningful moral to it. If you havn't seen it you absolutely must!

A beautiful song with a wonderful video | Reviewer: Caz | 8/19/04

This song is so nice it starts slowly and then you get a tingling feeling when the chorus comes on. The piano adds in an heir of sadness but the song is about getting over your saddness. I think its a lovely song

Similarities | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/04

While I think this song is extremely good and beautifully executed it does remind me a lot of A-Ha, particularly their later work ppeople in the UK won't be so familiar with, shame.

A great Song | Reviewer: Terrel | 7/23/04

A great meaniingful song.