Keane...Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Alice Rose 1997 | 7/5/13

First time i heard this song... and im gonna sound very young , was when i was about 5 and my parents had left Capital Fm radio on. Then tragically for almost a decade i forgot that this song existed ... until some amazing person recommended to play it back on a live broadcast. I have to admit, one of the songs that just stay in my head when the world is asleep and quiet. Perfect. Im happy to have lived to have heard this piece by Keane and I hope that beautiful music like this carries on... not the rambling that goes on these days, but what do i know? <3

I love this! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/13

I always thought that this song was as if it were written to an old friend, that they'd drifted from due to something like the friend developing depression or alcoholism, and the person is trying to help, but usually when they try to help the friend they get laughed at and told they don't understand and "what do you know?". But the person has gone through the same thing, and they're wishing for their friend to come back and knock on their door like they used to, but they know it won't happen. "Bedshaped" could be referring to the amount of time a depressed person stays in bed, and legs of stone could be like talking about how when you're pretty much in the depths of despair it's a task to put one foot in front of the other, like they're made of stone. I don't know, that's always been my interpretation of it, this has been my favourite song for years and years

Perfect song | Reviewer: Nour | 10/14/12

So I saw Keane live last night and it was perfect. When they played this song I cried like a maniac and now every time I listen to it I just break down in tears. Its perfect. I think everyone could related to a song this perfect with lyrics this perfect

bedshaped meaning | Reviewer: Mark | 7/9/12

if you take notice of the lyrics of all the album hopes and fears, this is the last song that explain all the album. it's about a lonely person who yearns for love, and this person don't fit in the society concept of love, and not for being weird, or diferent, or live Drowned in his own thoughts, don't get love for the only reason of not been physically attractive, then he finds a person that is just like him, for the lyrics you can tell the song is for another person, and that person is not only a friend, he considers her his best friend, so he even afraid of his long history of rejection, decides to open again and feels safe to tell this friend that he's truly in love, and this person is exactly the same, lonely and considered by others as a weird, but still this person reject him anyway, because she have a low selfesteem and wants what common persons want, a physically attractive person by her side. and then he lock up inside is safe zone again, what you usually do when you are heartbroken and ashamed, and he is especially ashamed because she use his friendship as a escuse to mocking about his feelings and don't take in serious his declaration. and He knows inside that his friendship isn't gonna be the same again, so he leaves to his shelter of lonelyness again, and the he finds the light, the truth, that he is beautiful, he is special, and have a lot to give to the world that reject him, and he hopes that when she solves his own mental issues, and find out that she always gonna be weird and loner, but she is beatiful and special as well, she will gonna knock on his door.
possibly this album hopes and fears, it's a winner, beacuse the lirycs talks about things that happens to people, you can hear the rest of songs of the album and you will get the same meaning, well the members of keane was really inspired, probably this happens to one of them, so... it's true, check it by yourself, i'm a writer, it's my job, so i think i know what i'm talking about, but what do i know

A song that requires no words to describe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/12

Yes the first time I heard the song, (even though I didn't pay ANY attention whatsoever to the lirics) I knew it was deep, beyond words, I'm still trying to grasp it, but "what do I know..." serious depth, intensely emotions will be evoked by it....
"I know........"

Thnx keane, you guys rock, please rock on!
* Alecs*** Guatemala*

Too Stunning For Words | Reviewer: Meg | 8/4/11

And up we'll go
In white light
I don't think so
But what do I know?
What do I know?
I know . . .

This is one of the most beautiful and heart breaking songs I've ever heard. It brought me to the verge of tears. Keane has never ceased to amaze me with their truly stunning songs that touch the heart.
You'll follow me back
With the sun in your eyes
And on your own
Gives me the chills . . .

just right | Reviewer: peter | 2/22/11

When I hear " The sun in your eyes" I get goosebumbs. I dont fully understand what the song is about yet, but it seems to apply to many things. In my opinion it seems the perfect love song. Now I know this song, I think i'll heard it in my head every time I see a sunrise. :-D

AMAZING SONG | Reviewer: Brendyy | 11/10/10

Hello! I'm from Argentina hehe...
Amazing song!! I love Keanee!!

♫ I know you think I'm holding you down ♫
♫ And I've fallen by the wayside now ♫
♫ And I don't understand the same things as you ♫
♫ But I do ♫


so sad | Reviewer: alejandro | 6/3/10

i am a chilean since the first time what i ve heard this song i fall in love .....i think it is the best song on the world...sorry my english...

Don't laugh at me

also i remember my first first and lost love.

simpy great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/09

i love the part "dont laugh at me, dont look away" it really applies to life, not everyone is fortunate to be born normal or rich and all that, but it doesnt mean they are entitled to be ridiculed or look down upon by others

Keane Fan | Reviewer: | 4/1/09

I totally love this song. I saw these guys live in Worthing with my friend Matt and they played this and it was amazing. Matt passed away last year resulting in difficulties in his relationship with a girl named Penny. I hate you Penny. One day they'll make a film about hoe awesome Matts life was and this will be the soundtrack.

amazing. | Reviewer: meg | 2/17/09

this song won me over the 1st time i ever heard it, and still even now it's one of the best songs i've ever heard. "I know you think i'm holding you down, and I've fallen by the wayside now..." this was pure amazing when i saw them.
i love keane, forever + always they'll be in my heart :]

Great song | Reviewer: Flavio | 11/1/08

This is an awesome song. Its very precise, requires some vocal control to go from a soft lyrical whisper to a more rock 'n' roll voice. The whole band is full of pros.

Pretty damn depressing though. First time I heard I didn't like it much because of this, but the chorus and the music video won me over.

bedshaped | Reviewer: Jose | 7/3/08

this is an amazing song it is really good and i love listening 2 it even though it is probably the saddest song I've ever heard in my life and it makes me pretty sad. But im sure that's partly because of the situation im in right now but nevertheless amazing song :D

Bedshaped The Bomb | Reviewer: Jansen | 11/15/07

This is one great song. I listen to it like daily. The voice is just out of this world, 'but what do I know' anyhow Kudos, props and all to KEANE!