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Performed by Keane

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Nice | Reviewer: St.Jr. | 7/9/07

the best song in the under the iron sea hamburg song also good`!

brian keane | Reviewer: alejandra | 7/8/07

look i love this group!!
so overcame to Brian that 's good
ok my aplausse is for everybody who had
listen this music ok, my e-mail or my idols...:)))

i'm Alejandra from Chili excuse n me for the
grammma hehehe a kss BE CARE YOURSELF, YES yurselfes:p

see you soon ...


don't forget me right fine hehe

a great song | Reviewer: hamza | 7/6/07

woooooooow bad dream it's o good and a great song i love it like the love how i feel for my lover all keane's song are very exating The lyrics and the sound make you feel as though he is meaning every word he is singing. | Reviewer: ana | 7/2/07

i heard this song, and the lyrics and music touched me so much, tears started rolling down my cheeks, its so meaningful. definetaly my favorite keane song now!

really awesome! | Reviewer: aly | 7/3/07

a bad dream is one of the best songs i've ever heard from keane.. keane's songs are getting better and better and i can't get enough of it.really awesome!everytime i listen to this song, i got goosebumps..mmm.. tom chaplin's voice really penetrate deep into my soul..

another rockin' track | Reviewer: alyssa | 6/26/07

keane has always been brilliant when it comes to music.. i love all keane songs and this one is THE most loved song.. really really like this song.. keep it up keane!

Love it! | Reviewer: jesu | 6/12/07

I love this song!
It's perfect for Ryan (OC)
Love The OC too

Keane Bad Dream | Reviewer: JD | 6/11/07

You know I never even HEARD of Keane before I started hearing the music play at my work. Now they are one of my favorite groups and I agree with everyone else...Bad Dream has become my favorite Keane song.

an amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

it's just so good. keane has other great songs, but this one is just amazing. you can feel it as you listen. i love it

About the song A Bad Dream | Reviewer: Nahuel | 5/20/07

I love this song and this group!!! They not disapoint me never... It´s a really good song this one... simply brilliant.!!

a bad dream- keane | Reviewer: mariana tornel | 4/30/07

i just love them, they perform super well.
down here at mexico they did an awsome job,
we sertainly want more, because they know
what they are doing and what they want
thats why they are so special, because they
are the only ones on the market with those
awsome sounds and originality....

i just love them.

review | Reviewer: Bkmz_ | 4/29/07

So good song about nothing.

Pardon my russian French. ;))

OMG | Reviewer: Louise | 4/27/07

This song is so good it made me cry, i thought about the best years of my life, and how things have changed since then. It is so moving and mysterious. I love this song, especially the words "baby, im a man, i was born to hate" its so true!

Simply brilliant | Reviewer: whoaa | 4/24/07

Keane is known for not using guitars in their songs and it sounds amazing. Vocals are awesome, the music just has a unique flow that only Keane can produce, simply brilliant.

Keane - Bad Dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07

also used at the end of the o.c. 4X01. Great song!

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