Coment | Reviewer: Nortorious Nonense | 9/18/13

This is Illuminati,she realised that she was alread taken.on her video those fireworks shoot out of her chest it show that she was selling her SOUL to Satan.that video and its lyrics are EVIL it just a mind controling thing.buh its so sweet though!.pliz stay away from Illuminate JESUS IS THE LORD

Enlightenment | Reviewer: Greg Miller | 9/14/13

I heard this song a little differently and applied it to my coming out to my family about not being religious. By letting go of religion completely, I began feeling "wide awake" longer dreaming. It was liberating.

i love katy perry | Reviewer: Madison | 11/10/12

i love katy so much i saw her movie and loved it so much that my parents bought it for me. Since i never been to your concert i might be ablwto this time ervy concert ask out loud i am lokking for someone with brown curly age 10 from yardly pa and is a diva and is born in december okay thanks alot you biggest fan Madison$$$

wide awake | Reviewer: chloe elkins | 10/18/12

i think that it is a great song and that im listing to it all the time and that it wouldent be better than anyone elses songs but i can say that you r a really good singer and im from nsw newcastle walsend and im only 13teen and im one of your biggest fans xxxxxxxx chloe louise elkins year 7

:) | Reviewer: Katy Perry's #1 Fan | 7/3/12

I love this song.i just want to sing this to my ex bf.(boyfriend)he said that when he broke up with me he said he didn't want to break up with me he said he didn't know what was going on in his head he said it was an accident breakin up with me.

I'm wide awake. | Reviewer: Paige J. | 6/18/12

This song, to me is so beautiful. Katy's lyrics are clearly her realizing her mistake of falling in love with the wrong person. And you know what? I can relate. This song is perfect for me.
"Wish I knew then, what I know now. Wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down. Gravity hurts, you made it so sweet. Till I woke up on the concrete."
Wow. Uh, these lyrics are spot-on. I mean, yes. I was with a guy blahblahblah, bet you've heard that one before. Except this guy was hated by my family, my friends, and yet... I kept after him. I didn't stop. I thought he liked me, no actually. Let's be real, I thought he loved me.
But he used me.
And I knew it was that too. Yet, I liked him so much I went with it. He knew how to make me feel good, and he knew how to put me down enough that he was the hero when he brought me back up.
It was just one big, stupid game.
Until one day my parents put a stop to it. They found out. And they went into my Facebook, emails, text, and facetime and removed and blocked him from all. He moved, so I didn't know where he lived or if his home phone would even be the same anymore.
I hated them.
I continued sneaking phone calls to him when I could, telling them it was my best friend.
And then he started liking other people. He said he would still gladly have me though. Then he told me he never wanted to date me. He just kissed me in February and started everything over because he thought I wanted him as much as he wanted me.
And that was when I realized... we were never meant to be. My parents actually did me a favor. Now.. I listen to this song, and belt out the lyrics, because I know exactly what it feels like.
He wasn't worth the trouble, the deceit.
And God knows, I would've happily continued being an idiot with him if they hadn't stopped it.
I don't need him.
I let go.
End of fairytale.
I'm wide awake.