love it | Reviewer: KR | 1/9/12

i always loved Katie's music, but listening to this song today was extra special, because listening to the words i realized, that i am experiencing everything in this song, from the broken heart, to feeling 17, to feel close to crazy, to being treated like a child, to feeling like it for yearning for the person as well. it is incredible, it is like this was written directly for my situation right now.

Wish me Luck! x | Reviewer: Deroto | 3/23/11

After listening to this song it made me think of a boy who is very special to me, only he doesnt know, I am singing this with my friend at a school concert soon and I hope he'll be there, then he'll finally know how much I love him, thank you Katie for being a complete angel and making this song!

Iris | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

such an enchanting chaaaaarming!!!!!it fills your soul like the clean and soft air....I've never knew that such an charming voice existes nowdays...I'm a retro music fan...and classical...but you'r voice is super!)I guess we've got a hope now...that will survive))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Katie is a brilliant singer (FIVE STARS!) | Reviewer: Violeta | 1/20/10

Dear Katie,
I came to know you some days ago. This song is a gift from Heaven! I'm a music lover. I love the way you sing. You are the best young lady singer I've ever listened to. I believe I became your fan. My other favourite singer is a gentleman. Please, visit my channel which is all about music... especially about Russian classical music: violetatorelli(you tube user) I wish you the best of luck! I thank God there is such a great artist like you among the younger generations. God bless you! PS: I've seen the video with this song performed by tango dancers: Great! (They are J.C.Copes and his daughter) from my country: Argentina. Bravo!

BusA | Reviewer: BuSa | 1/7/10

This song is very very interesting and very nice full worlds.I like very much this song.I am from georgian and Katie Melua is from georgia too. I Like Soo much...... I LoVe Katie Melua and Her nice songs...... :*:*:*:*:*....(BuSa)

Beautiful piece of art! | Reviewer: Wayne Denham | 12/26/09

Katie Meluas' voice is so enchanting. I would love to have a wife who could sing so well. If the song was written for a relationship of hers that turned sour, the bloke in question needs a good slap!

Sooo true | Reviewer: Anne | 12/15/09

When I listen to this song I know Katie Melua has had her heart broken. It is so beautifully written and am sure nobody else could sing it with such real feeling. I love the song but cannot listen to it ever without crying for my own lost love

ana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

she is georgian and she is truly incredible singer .i am georgian too( a small country between europe and asia)only true love can make u write a song like this.i wonder who does katie love ?i'm in love with this hilarious song!

Crazy about this song Jasmine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

The words are not capable of expressing what i feel listing to this song. It's like hearing angel singing within my reason. I think katie should be more known then she is now. She really can get people's feelings move
kisses and best wishes to the most marvelous singer...

Sweet jesus, maria, josef and a camel! | Reviewer: Austen | 8/8/08

Oh jeez, Katie you're my hero. You're voice is so bluesy, and it is so vivid and hallucinating to listen to. All these pictures you get, it is so REAL, it's just how I feel, and it is so strange and wild for one person to get to everyone else in the world. I think you deserve a medal!!! 1000 points for you!!

Austen Biella

Crazy! | Reviewer: Emily | 3/30/08

Well. Melua you are a kind of crazy. I'm so inspired of your wonderful lyrics and it is crazy to write something amazing like you do! I'm so grateful to own the c.d. with you and with this song. keep on doing what you are doing, cause this is some good shit! :D
I love what you do, and I hope I can become one like you when I get older. I will keep on practice till I one day become like you!

I always will support you, if you just keep on going.
Many kisses from me.

Love it!! | Reviewer: Chelly | 3/28/08

Lying in bed just thinking...then this song plays and you think...SPOT ON!! Its sad but somehow so refreshing! If that makes sense! Love it!! No words so express what this song means to me!!
Thx Katie!!

i just simply admire her... | Reviewer: ruxi | 3/6/08

my name is ruxi and i'm a teenage girl.i love almost all your songs and a big fan of u.i like very much singing and i sing.i like music.your type of music makes me relax and inspires me when i sing.for 2 years i started writing a kinda book,it's my life,like a journal,poetries,songs,and play the piano well,and mother says:,,you have an angel voice,just like katie melua,or norah jones...''i want to become a good actress,because i'm practising it at school and maybe,i'll become a great singer,one day,just like u!love u!

friendship..xx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

I luff this song..!!

my friend Kelly* played this song in her car when we were driving and i didnt really seem bothered about it..!!

But about 4 of 5 years after that, Kelly* and I kinda stopped being friends..!!

And whenever I hear that song, it reminds me of all the good times..!!

So thins song - to me - represents something special..!!

BTW, we've been friends since i was = 2yrs until 11yrs So that make ALOT of memories..!!


Beautiful song and voice | Reviewer: Miles | 11/7/07

I first heard this song playing in a movie theater, you know, filling up the time while people get seated before the show begins. I was almost mesmerized by the haunting beauty of the song and the voice. Who was Katie Melua? I had never even heard the name before. I went out and bought her disc, "Call Off the Search" just for the song "Closest Thing To Crazy". It turns out that I love just about every song on the disc.
Why isn't Katie better known? She is an absolute joy to listen to, and this song has an impact I can't quite describe. Like Madonna's "This Used To Be My Playground", it's sad yet compelling at the same time. I can't wait to hear Katie perform in person if she ever gives a concert within 1000 miles of here! She is magnificent.