WHOA | Reviewer: Silvia | 11/7/07

Her voice is incredible....I love that feeling u get when u r listening 2 her songs....just marvellous:PPP

Oh My God! | Reviewer: Swedish girl | 10/12/07

This is the most beutiful song i´ve herad.. But it´s not the most perfect song to listen on when you´re depressed..

Amazing! | Reviewer: Amy | 8/22/07

Katie Melua has a beautiful voice & great songs. I have both of her albums and listen to them a heck of alot ^^
This is one of my fav songs along with Mockingbird, My Aphrodisiac Is You & Spider's Web..
Woo this girl rocks!

just fantastic... | Reviewer: Simona | 8/20/07

The song of my life. Just fantastic. I wish I could sing like katie.

Stunning | Reviewer: Rick | 6/24/07

Katie Melua is one of the most refreshing voices I have heard in years. Not only her voice, she plays, writes and is gorgeous. She sings and writes songs which could be considered conservative and throws these jazzy and bluesy nuances all around, add to that her interesting vocal dynamics and the result is just kickass music. I'd love to hear Katie do musical theater, I think she'd be a natural.
BTW she does not sound like Norah Jones. She sounds like Katie Melua.

Just Beautiful! | Reviewer: Nicola | 5/27/07

I just love this! I stumbled across it & then introduced it to my partner who also fell in love with it. Such a haunting voice, meaningful lyrics & beautiful melody. Now, one of my alltime favourites!

Wow | Reviewer: Megan Post.. | 5/20/07

How can I explain how much I love this? Cuz I don't think I can I've played it over and over because it touches a part of me I forgot about until I heard this song

=) | Reviewer: Jennifer | 5/8/07

Waw! I just love this song.
I'm 13 and I'm going to sing it at school.
I'm proud to sing the song. but i'm never going to sing it as well as Katie!!=(

Super.. | Reviewer: Tessa | 2/5/07

The song is emotional and true, it truly touches me and makes me feel like that feeling when i was in that situation when i had those exact thoughts about my relationship.

Great | Reviewer: Johnathan | 1/27/07

Love this song. I don't even remember how I came across it. Touches the heart..

way to go! | Reviewer: bex | 2/7/06

way to go katie ! bring on the cool melodies, sexy vocals and fantastic lyrics

oh my god | Reviewer: caz | 10/16/05

Oh my god i have to say that this is the best song i have ever heard. the way Katie sings it makes me cry everytime. Her voice is perpect for the song

Brian (an oldie) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/04

When I first heard this song I thought everything was wrong with it. It has grown on me. The phrasing is so unusual. Anyone who has ever been in love will identify with it.

CONNECTING PEOPLE | Reviewer: Olivia | 10/7/04

At first I thought, WHAT? And then I started to listen to the words and realised that Katie's voice is carrying over the feel of the words, perfectly. This is my mom's favourite at the moment and it somehow connects our family, for when we hear this song on the radio we all phone each other.

THE BEST | Reviewer: Bel | 9/4/04

It's simply...the best!The so meaningful lyrics and the melody, and her smooth voice...the best!...It's my favorite..ever!