Phenomenal | Reviewer: Gaynor Dean | 8/31/04

Ever since i heard this played, i cannot go one day without listening to it. It is THE most amazing song i have ever heard. Katies smooth voice sings this so perfectly, the words have so much meaning, and the music is out of this world. It's truly a remarkable single, and is now my all time favourite.

One of the sweetest experiences in music | Reviewer: Frank Savidge | 8/5/04

The song itself is very beautiful with a melody which I find slightly enigmatical in places. Adding to it the intimate, almost whicpering, quality of Katie's voice makes this one of the most captivating tracks I have ever heard.

Closest thing to crazy.. | Reviewer: Mary | 7/26/04

omg i love it! They play it in abercrombie & fitch allllllll the time..ITS GREAT

Norah Jones | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/04

Her voice sounds like Norah Jones.