Thank you for this song | Reviewer: John | 5/27/11


I heard your song on the movie The Tourist and looked it up. I am sending it in a card to my wife. I am a soldier in a war, far from home. My wife fears for my safety. I want her to know I love her and she should have no fear. Your lyrics help me say that. Thank you and I truly wish you the best in your career. We will be watching for you.

I luv your music. | Reviewer: Moses | 11/3/10

Hi ketie,i am moses from nigeria. i should say that your music is the best in the world bcos any time that i'm down, i listened to it so as to get my feet back on the ground. i luv listening to your music more especially the one titled (if you are a sail boat). i luv this song bcos it gives me inspiration. i wish i could meet u someday but never mind i'm still your fan and i luv u. keep it up are the best.

i'm georgian too | Reviewer: inkwriter | 8/29/10

katie i love you so.. so.. so much. i know u aren't angel, but you are georgian girl... in london. do u know that your motherland is waiting for you?
yes, georgia is your motherland. i love u. i'm waiting... i was in batumi last year and i saw you, you was briliant... miyvarxar keti. shen chemi ocnebidan xar mosuli da albat odesme dabrundebi aq.

love you. megrel :D love u.

ink writer

Beautiful Katie | Reviewer: Tanja | 5/14/10

It's beautiful when you recognize someone's soul coming out from their talents.

You touched me deeply with your music, and thank you very much for sharing it.

If stars fall some day on a peculiar way, I'm sure two of us would make an interesting conversation.

Or not, never mind. Just stay so honest with your music, and that will be enough. :)

-you're so good... | Reviewer: Vusumzi | 4/9/10

I'm not really sure how you come up with the lyrical part of your music, but girl - you're damn good. But then again...I guess it can't be an effort if you're talented. And that voice of yours - sets your music to the next level
You're still young, this' your "calling"

Geez..............great music | Reviewer: Bill | 7/25/09

Stumbled across you on you tube. I was searching for information on how to repair an old fender amplifier. The person who had posted an informative video was playing your music through his newly fixed amplifier. I liked it so much I went out today and bought "Piece by Piece" and "Pictures." You are exceptionally talented and you are definitely on an accent in your career. All the best!

nice sounds | Reviewer: lekan | 7/2/09

hi katie, am from nigeria and i really do love ur songs, have not listened to all ur tracks but nice one from nine million and call of the search. The content of lyrics , as every single words and the combinations are wonderful. keep it up girl, u're making a footprint.

Angle Song | Reviewer: Indira | 4/23/09

dear Katie.. first time i heard ur songs i was feel just like in heaven. i played ur songs by piano and sounds very's sounds like 50's songs (call of the search).. love u katie. wish i could meet u oneday :-)

I love the music | Reviewer: Sebastian | 11/15/08

Dear Katie, your music is very beautiful. I actually found out about your music from my girlfriend.My girlfriend and I love the song "Nine Million Bicycles" from your album "Piece by Piece".The entire album is great.We love your music and your voice very much.

makes history | Reviewer: nief | 7/12/08

i feel an angel sing a song..
touch me and make me fly..
i dont know that was born an angel with the voice of holly night..
god.. thanks to created an angel sing a song like you katie...
until of the end..
bravo.. i feel life..!