Kate Winselet review of song | Reviewer: Rizwan | 1/14/07

My comment is that Kate Winslet's song What If is the best song she released in 2001 for the film A Christmas Carol the soundtrack to that film

But the song I like it and can't get enough of the song and it's my favourite song

I like Kate Winslet's song What If it's my favourite song I like it a lot Kate has a good voice for talking and the song also a good voice my favourite song from Kate Winslet I like it

So True! | Reviewer: Scott | 11/22/06

This song is so amazing! I have loved this song ever since it come out and i've recently got out of a relationship and every single word hits home hard to me! I feel exactly the same as is said in the song. The relationship started out so good then it turned sour and I got cheated on at the end so I finished it. I miss him so much and this song, every single word, speaks the truth of how I feel.
This is a truly amazing and inspirational song that needs to be recognised and given the full credit that it deserves. Kate has an amazing voice for this song, which makes it even more fitting as you can hear and even feel the emotion in her voice.
Amazing Song!
Thankyou x

LOVE IT!!!!!! | Reviewer: roxy | 10/28/06

this is such a good song!!! it's so true and it really hits home. Kate shouldn't have dyed her hair though. this song is so emotional and you can tell she was really giving it her all.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/05

Its an amazing song and really helps you to understand relationships. its also very true about most men!

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/04

An amazing song. Love it. Can't get enough - it's so emotional and hits hard. It owns.