LOVED HIM LET HIM GO, LOST HIM FOREVER? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

I love this song
I was TOTALLY in love with a guy YEARS ago and believed other people when they said he'd cheated on me, even tho he swore he hadnt, and I let him go. Despite me being pregnant with his child because of my anger and threats he DID go and we lost touch for years. Now we talk (sometimes) but with circumstances.... WE will never know whether things would have been different if i'd just given him the chance!!

to rose | Reviewer: becky | 1/6/08

i love this song but i was writin this to rose who written a review about her best friend diein on the beach if this is angie its becky :) n u dnt need to turn bk the time to let her no she is lookin down on u n she luvs u to no1 was to no wht she was goin to do so never regret:) xxx

Wow | Reviewer: Emily | 12/23/07

I cried for nights apon nights to this and i still do to this day.. i broke up with an amazing guy 5 years ago and i still love him to this day and whenever i listen to this i just flood with tears... but thank you kate... this song has helped show alot of people what they really feel and it showed me.. i hope one day i can go against it and find out if he still loves me cause i dont not want to know if it was a love that could have been saved.. but thank you kate.. i hope to sing this as i have applied for x factor and i rlly hope this song will get me thru that.. x x x

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/07

Although i remember this song the first time round, i love it cos it so sweet and appeared at Number 8 of Westlife's Top 20 Christmas Love Songs.
Pipped from No.7 by Abba's Chiquitia

well gud fella | Reviewer: chantelle smith | 12/13/07

Kate i adore you and i aint no lesbian you are such a good singer and that song is still my favourite song and im singin this song onthe real x factor and maybe ill be as great as youxxxxxx

to the one i love | Reviewer: rose | 12/12/07

my best friend died 2 month ago.she took a overdose ond killed herself on seaton carew beach. i sit and cry to this song everynight its so emotional. And i wish i could turn back time so i could of made sure she was alright! well she is in my heart all the time. Kate you are a mirical worker singing this song i love it x x x

it's a good song | Reviewer: tara | 11/14/07

i love this song!
it's sad!
kate.why don;t you make an album?
your voice is good!!
i love it so much
what the name of this album??
i don't know!
i'm only know this song from you!!

but,i'm vert love this song!!!

crying | Reviewer: Lola | 10/27/07

i love this song so much.
to the person who said they recently broke up with someone - i know what youre going through. its really hard and i actually think he was the one. i first heard this song on a cd my friend had made up and never really took a liking to it but now i listen to it a few years later and what it feels like to be heartbroken it actually made me cry.

THANK YOU!!! | Reviewer: Friella | 7/22/07

I heard this song a while ago on a film and loved it, but have spent MONTHS searching to find out what it was...I should probably thank the person who pointed me to this from Gun Training too....THANK YOU!!!

hiks hiks | Reviewer: natz | 7/15/07

i've just broke up with someone which is because my own fault.. i feel like im stabbing myself for this... this song's like what i really wanna say out loud to him... damn what if things... :(

LOVE IT LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Elise | 6/16/07

Oh gosh! My friend has shown it to me.. I love it! I have been listening to it NON-STOP for 20 minutes!! lol. Oh, but Kate, why did you dye your hair?! I liked it red... Oh well. XD lol ^^

i love that song | Reviewer: :D:D | 6/15/07

This song is so great i loooove it .. goood job kate :D:D ..

Kate winslet is a fitty | Reviewer: Mystery Me | 6/12/07

One day i just started singing this song and then i had to find out who sang it lol. This song is cool. even know im a 15 year old guy but i like singing romantic songs to girls lol. i have my own boyband as well lol.

WOW | Reviewer: charlotte | 6/10/07

Kate Winslet is soooo amazing and this song is really emotional it hits home hard and you cant forget it who ever thought just a few words such as -- If I'd stayed, If you'd tried -- could mean so much? its the best song i've ever heard and my best friend and i are going to sing it to our whole school and over 200 people's parents for our schools gig -- i can't wait -- does Kate Winslet have any idea how stunning and dazzling she is? or how much she made me cry over this song?? (lol) She's spectacular! amazing | Reviewer: Wawaras | 5/18/07

I think it is the greatest song i've ever heard, is not one of my favorites 'cause it make me feel so sad n' alone at the same time...
but still it song rocks!!!!