wow! | Reviewer: eleanor | 12/17/12

i really like this song. It reminds me of christmas. i love the person who sings it (kate winslet) she has got an amazing voice. every time when this song comes on the telly, i have to beg my mum to turn it up lol. this song also reminds me of my family and friends who passed away and this guy who cheated on me with my class mate who sits next to me in science. so yeah really like this song :)

amazing | Reviewer: frazzle c | 5/20/12

when i think about this song it reminds me of this great guy i love but he dont feel the same way about me if only he did then maybe we could have a chance together and be happy but this song has changed my opinion about things if he dont love me then fine his loss i will more on and eventully be happy
but a part of me will still be thinking what if i didnt give up
anyway this song is so amazing i sing it everywhere i go and i watch the christmas carol over and over again just to hear yout sing also i sing in the shower which is really embarrasing :O but oh well GOD i cant get it out of my head now look what you have done to me :) xxx

very emotional song | Reviewer: s | 4/30/11

makes me want to cry everytime i hear express my feelings at the moment more than i could have until i heard this song coincidentally at this time...

~~wish NSP hears it and know this is how i feel

Nice! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/10

She is just so passionate... which comes forth so clearly in this song.
Although I have little xp, I think that if you feel like walking away from your relationship then it is the right decision. Because changes are really hard to come, who has tried to make some in their life, they know.
Kate can get any man she wants, so there's no need to be sad. Kate, You rock!

AMAIZING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/10

I love this song so much! Not many people have heard of it and i think that should change. This song is beautiful and it says everything in it perfectly. I love singing this song in the shower because it just has a great tune and i love the meaning. I am not a great singer but thats ok. I think Kate Winslet is an amazing actress who does not get the credit like she deserves. I am a huge fan of her because i hope to be an actress one day and she is who i look up to. I am like the only one of my friends that even knows her....seriously?? She is a wonderful role model and i think she is beautiful just the way she is. I hate how the media is getting on her about her body. The thing is she is a real person, and that is really rare with celebs these days. Kate Winslet is a real person, who doesn't care about all the stuff that comes with fame, but teaches her kids that life isn't all about materials. Just one question...why doesn't Kate Winslet sing more? She is great!!

lost love | Reviewer: savi rattan | 11/16/10

love comes automatically...this song helped me to understand that love is an integral part of me....i really appreciate kate winslet and i am a huge fan of yours...even i really love your and leonardo's condider me even i am a huge fan of yours in this gigantic universe :)

b-e-a-utifull | Reviewer: Mark | 4/14/10

Great song, i got it on repeat.
My gf broke up with me 12 january 2010.
I cant forget, i just cant.
She did bad things and treated me like shit but I love her.
I hate this.
I will do everything to make her my girlfriend again.
someone has ideas how to do that??
I need her:(

x mark

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

This is a beautiful song but it just makes it even harder to walk away im with a guy that everyone says i should leave hes in jail atm and i was going to move and get away but after hearing this i cant help but think maybe it will be different this time. But kate, your voice is beautiful i think everyone can relate to this song its just about knowing how far it can go before you "draw the line"

It is hard to do but we must do! | Reviewer: anego1103 | 3/24/09

I thinks the caracters of the song separated then the girl now is still considering what if she decided right. That is why Kate sings "If I'd stayed;If you'd tried;If we could only turn back time"...but actually she gone...

I usualy tates this song when I have to make a decision. "Many roads to take;Some to joy Some to heart-ache;Anyone can lose their way". So, let's go "take a chance and make a change".

Thank Kate.

thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

i am a married woman, thinking of a divorce. this song has changed my mind. i may give him a chance to see if he takes it and makes a change.cos i still love him more than i can say and i dont really want to walk away now, eventhough he is not the man i used to know any more.

I love it. | Reviewer: alex | 7/21/08

I love it because it is so emotional. I love to sing and this is my favourate song to sing. It shows how hard love can be and how many people wish to change tome and put it back to how t used to be. The most amasing song ever. I just wish kate winslet would do some more songs. I love her singing and acting.


Doriann soo emotional | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

this song is so emotional it makes me cry i dnt know y? but i cry and when i hear your voice i cry more becouse it is so beutifull when i hear this song i think of a guy and i know he cant be with me thats y i cry... love it kate nice hair bdw and your face is pretty keep it up bye take care im from MALTA (GOZO)

awsome,awsome and triple awsome | Reviewer: Mikayla | 2/19/08

Hey Kate,you are so beautiful!
Your hair is pretty!
Did you go on American Idol?
I really want to meet you in real life.
I am your biggest fan and always will be.
Who is your boyfriend?I am sooo obsessed with you.

Please message me back. are so cool!

Gorgeous song | Reviewer: Berna | 2/2/08

This gorgeous song is telling everything about love..Being with a man who you love,afterwards changings,a girl doens't know what to do,eventhough she loves she also knows that she has to draw a line in her life,so on..Whether you give another chance and see what will happen,or you just believe that nothing will be the same as before..Then you think it's true what you've done..
But like Kate says in the song,"we'll never know"

Crying | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

The song says it all. Whenever i listen the song, it makes me cry cos its so true ..I am in love with a guy who i can't seem to forget at all ...i don't know why I can't.