hey | Reviewer: David Naughton | 4/4/09

I am Bigest Fun of your Band and your Music as well I what like to know Can My Friend David what to have you at his Girlfriend because he his dieing have you at his Girlfriend he all aways talking about you all the time he did had Girlfriend name is Karina Burns but not at More Beautiful you are to David I Just what him be happy with you Just what Morris to you

Awesome Kate | Reviewer: Vanessa | 3/24/09

hey Kate you are an awesome singer and my favourite song is maybe tonight i listen to it all the time. I am going at pasion project on you for my school work stuff i am going to put in it is: singing life, her life, how you started, albums, young divas, hobbies and photos.
you are awesome and you are my favourite singer.

Awesome Artist | Reviewer: Tia | 4/8/06

Kate DeAraugo is a really awesome artist! Shes got the looks and can sing magnificently! If ya havent got her album yet, i advise you go out and get it today, you WONT be disappointed!

hi | Reviewer: tegan | 1/22/06

hey kate im ganna see u at aussy idol in cairns cuz im going bak stage and im really hoping to meet u alright see u then