Soul Stirring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

I love this song when it first came out. love it more every time i hear it.I like to play the one of her on you tube the wuthering song is played with the 1992 clip of wuthering heights movie starring Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. IT BLOWS ME AWAY.I play it every day.

Book+ Song= AWESOME | Reviewer: Catherine | 7/30/10

I picked Wuthering heights as my BOOK EXPO novel for school and even though I am only up to chapter 13, I think this song is awesome! I wish I could meet Emily and Kate and talk to them about the book. I don't understand half the words but I'm getting there and The song it awesome. I can't get enough of the "Heathcliffe- Its me, Cathy, I've come home." bit!

Love Kate's Wuthering Heights | Reviewer: MimaLeal | 6/6/10

I'm with "leti argentina" I was 14 when that song came out, also on holiday in Italy! I had read the book and loved it. When I heard the song I didn't understand the words so I went ahead and bought the record. It was absolutely beautiful! I love the story, the song and Kate Bush`s passionate interpretation! Kids: instead of reading The Twilight Saga you should read The Brontes sisters books, the are amazing!

beautiful | Reviewer: darena | 5/14/10

The lyrics of the song are completely inspired by the book, in fact the chorus
"it's me, Cathy, I'm come home
I'm so cold, let me in-a-your window"
is pretty much a direct citation off Chapter 3 of the book where the ghost of Cathy (presumably looking for Heathcliff) appears in Mr Lockwood's dreams, begging him to let her in through the window, as he's spending the night in her childhood room during his visit to Wuthering Heights. Creepy, isn't it?
It is a beautiful haunting melancholic story and Kate Bush's song has really captured the essence of it.

the realisation of my ingenuity... or not, as the case may be | Reviewer: eleven-year-old genius | 4/13/10

Well i am a huge late bush fan and i LOVE wuthering heights. i was listening to it and wondering wat it actually had to do with the book as i have not yet read it. me and my siblings have had a joke with songs we do not know the lyrics to and we make it up. i am one of those weird ppl who read the backs of DVD boxes and a while before the realisation of my ingenuity i happened to read the box of wuthering heights. a couple of minutes ago i was listening to it and it just CLICKED! I am so awesome! only joking... i shld really read the book

beautiful | Reviewer: leti argentina | 1/10/10

I was 16 that summer when the vynil disc came out I was on holiday in Bariloche! absolutely beauty. I love the story, the song and the movie... and of course Kate Bush`s passionate interpretation! Young people, teens: read the book! and meanwhile, listen to the song!You`ll fall in love! :)

..or, alternatively......... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

If you want to hear a different version of this song - sense of humour essential!! - check out the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain on Youtube. If it doesn't raise at least a smile......check your pulse, you may be clinically dead.

wonderful | Reviewer: magen | 12/1/09

im 14 years old and insainly i love this song
i heard this song in my english class, my teacher put it on. we were reading the book and i liked the book and loooved the song wuthering heights!!!! wierd i kno!!

Changed my life!!! | Reviewer: colleen | 12/1/09

I absolutely loved this song when it came out..I was about 14 and thought she was beautiful and the film clip so different and unique...I did not know what it was about....

Not long after I read "wuthering Heights" and loved this book and story so much it did change my life.....I wanted a true and passionate love like Heathcliff and Cathy and felt that this is how true love was meant to be..

Needless to say a few of my "loves" fell short.....but I did have 2 very passionate, very in love, relationships......

Anyhow I married at 38 and told my husband of my love for the book "wuthering heights" even made him watch one of the tv versions...

He proceeded to tell me "oh that is the story Kate Bush sings off:.....I couldnt beleive that I hadnt put two and two together and fell more in love with the song and how its eeriness relates to the book....

I read an interview once from Kate Bush and she said she had read the book in her early teens and it also forged her views on love...hence the song...

Love this song | Reviewer: Tracy | 9/1/09

This was the first record (yep, on vinyl) that i ever bought aged 7! I was mesmerised by kate bush's voice but didnt really know what it was about. Now i do, its even more beautiful and i love the song to this day.

Perfect! | Reviewer: Ben | 8/31/09

Kate Bush managed to express the passion of the book and the love Heathcliff and Cathy had for each other wonderfully well in this song. The book is one of the finest works in the English language and has to be read to fully appreciate this song. Excellent.

Wow | Reviewer: Ella McCauley | 8/17/09

I randomly found this song on youtube and decided to listen to it. I couldn't really understand it because I am not used to Kate Bush's voice so I looked up these lyrics as well as a plot summery of the book. After I finished reading the plot and replayed this song I started crying. I couldn't even sing along to the song I was crying so much. I think that really says something about this song if I can cry after hearing it only 4 times and never actually reading the book.

H&C | Reviewer: Paloma | 7/2/09

.I listened the song after i read the book, so in the moment i've heard it, i felt in love with it, it's so great, the song transmited so much feeling of this unique story that i almost cry.
-If you like the song, you will love the book! :D

One of my favorite songs of all times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/09

When I first heard this song I had no clue what it was about but I fell in love with the melody and Kate's unique voice. Watching the movie and reading the book made me like this song even more. What an accomplishment for her as an artist, not only to write this beautiful song but also to perform it like only she can.... Love it!

An Amazing song | Reviewer: T | 7/1/09

I first heard this song in AP English class my senior year. Our teacher played it for us because we had to read the book over the summer. Everyone joked about it and pretended it was terrible but through the entire school year you would randomly hear people singing it! You really cant help but love this song whether you've read the book or not. the song is truly great. =)