Timeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

Like White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, this spine-chilling song sweeps away the mundane world. Emotions not things are what we truly live for..aren't they.Congratulations to all the young people who've been moved by hearing this and said so. The world is safe in your hands.

about the song wuthering heights performed by Kate Bush | Reviewer: Rebecca Nevin | 9/19/07

Kate Bush is an amazing singer and wuthering heights is my favourite song and book. I looooooooove Kate bush and her song is really true to the book

her bewitching masterpiece | Reviewer: James | 9/16/07

Is it possible 2 fall in love with a song? This one will go down in the future the same way that a beethoven classic goes down today, it will be seen and heard as a timeless work, one of the great songs of the twentieth C.
The magic is in the collusion of her erethal voice and the instruments that effortlessly support and compliment each other, starts off with crystal high piano notes and ends with a beautiful sound of strings and electric guitar, her dancing is amazing, she makes so many moves expressing the lyrics of the song or Cathys feelings for heathcliffe quickly and percisely in a graceful flow.
The end shot of her waving goodbye disappearing and reappearing 'ghostlike' is just genius, the red blur as she fades in and out that blooms like a rose at the beginning of the song as well, is a sign of cathys presence and her love for heathcliffe and ties in beautifully with the red dress she wears in the song.
Just incredibly well thought out lyrics, instruments, performance and video, I have not seen better, and never expect to.

Kate Bush | Reviewer: Carl | 9/2/07

I have never heard this song before until just now. I just listened to it for the first time. Chilling is the word that comes to mind. Haunting is another. Breathtakingly beautiful is are the final words that come to mind.

With just one listen I can see why many list Kate Bush as one of the most underrated artists in the world.

great song | Reviewer: dana | 8/27/07

Since English is not my native language, i had no idea what it all was about when i first heard it, but it moved me a lot anyways. Later, I learnt English, I studied the novel for my English literature class - and I must say that the song goes so well with the novel, reflecting its dark but passinate atmosphere. Definetly, Kate's masterpiece. The movie that came out some ten years ago didnt make that much impression on me, but someone had an idea to make a great video out of it to the song - available on youtube. Recommend it :-)

Amazing! | Reviewer: Nikki | 8/27/07

This is an amazing song, I am a 14 year old girl from Australia who just loves old music, I know this sounds crazy, but I reckon that Neil Finn and Kate Bush should do a song together, they both have a voice that can cut straight to the heart, I can't listen to her voice to long though, its too high. Love the song, one of the greatest ever to be written.

I Love Kate Bush | Reviewer: Oscar Nuñez | 8/8/07

I want all information about this lovely singer, she's a greatest singer. I want to contact with persons all over the world that loved her!! I wait e-mails!!!

True art. | Reviewer: don from canada | 8/6/07

Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" is the pinnacle of art in any form.How she managed this masterpiece at such a young age at the beginning of her career is beyond belief.I can play it over and over and continue to be mystified each time.The song stands alone,but when you add her haunting video above that you are lost in magic.What is a shame is that because of Kate Bush's dedication to perfection and amazement she only toured once and found it too draining.Still this gift is enough.

A world without emotion | Reviewer: Zanzibar | 8/3/07

A true masterpiece. I shudder to think of a world without these emotions. I feel it cut me deep....

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

I'm a 15 year old girl who heard this amazing song three nights ago on the radio. I read Wuthering Heights in my English Literature lesson and this song really enabled me to understand Cathy.
Kate Bush is an amazing artist. I'm terribley proud also that she is from the U.K!

ABSOLOUTLEY MAGICAL | Reviewer: amy danielle katie | 7/22/07

i couldnt live with out this magical concocsion,
i had a hard stage in my life
my partner willow left me for teh one and only kate bush herself
leaving me distrought and disfigured
then one lsten to the beutiful metromony i found myself dining in a paradise
were all my troubles disapeared
and helped so much as before this song
my life turned into A misery depring state
thinking of my willow spending time wich this kate
but now since this song i see teh world in a diffrent perspective
i fell a new womannn
feeling strong
and ready to start the world again

No Words | Reviewer: Joe from Augusta | 7/21/07

Kate Bush can touch my soul with her voice. She is the most under-rated female vocalist today. Wuthering Heights is AWESOME! (You should check out the 1992 movie with Ralph Fiennes and Juliet Binoche, too!)

The one and only | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/07

Maybe not everyone's cuppa tea, but it is the one song I always listen to every week since 1978 (well, I finally got the LP 13 months after it came out - but that is country living in Australia for ya...).

Never will there be anything touching the brilliance of this song. It hit me then as much as it still contiues to hit me know. I may know it back t front, but I am still in rapture over it.

Absolutley the best song of all time forever...

Absolutely great! | Reviewer: yvonne haggart | 7/9/07

This is one my favourite songs. Well sung and the guitar playng is phenomenal.

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

i love this song.
her voice is like an angel.
she rules my world and makes my life worth living.
its so different and so angelic and so magical...
thank you for having these lyrics for me.