Unique, inimitable and unforgettable. | Reviewer: Aires d'Almeida | 8/28/14

Yes, last night I felt a bit nostalgic. Miss Bush came unexpectedly and made me feel blue after all these years. I have never been the kind of guy to fall in head over heels for any feminine icon not even in my salad days. She was probably the only famous woman who have made me sigh. I remember that there were days when I felt desperately in love with her.

Party song & dance | Reviewer: Ericwagnerslucid | 8/27/13

I was @ a costume party, sitting on the porch, no costume. I &
a friend walked down from the porch to sit in the car and smoke. A car pulled up next to us and Kate Bush was playing. After a few minutes of watching the city lights, people began leaving the party, walking to the car parked next to us. They opened the car & started playing Wutering Heights loudly. In their flowing costumes they danced on and around the cars. The most beautiful of them, in flowing white garb, like a Goddes, a young lady danced aroundy my car. I realized @ that moment that the song that was playing was Wuthering Heights--hadn't heard it in many many years--I said out loud "Wuthering Heights". Then the Goddess dancing around my car reached into the car window as the chorus played ... She touched my hands across the passenger seat, past and over my friend to me, looking @ me playing Cathy. I said: you are so beautiful she then repeated my words back to me ... The song went on the Godess retreated but I couldn't hold back the tears. Wow!

really moves me | Reviewer: jens christensen | 3/23/13

Though i am a heavy-rock fan, i love this song the most. It reminds me of a sad period of my life, that luckely turned out fine. Now, after 37 years it can still make me cry. I think it is the best song I have ever heard.

Matches the book | Reviewer: Gizmo | 1/9/13

I always loved the book, the desperate passion and the destructive love-hate relationship that Heathcliff and Cathy have with each other is perfectly embodied in the song. I can't imagine a cover by anybody else being any good - it needs Kate Bush's eerie voice to convey the emotions in the book.

Possible typo/mishearing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/12

Whoever originally submitted these lyrics, they seem to have been slavishly copied and pasted into every lyric site on the internet. The thing is, no English-speaker would come up with "wiley" (sic) as a word associated with moors.. For one thing it isn't even the correct spelling.
In English the word "wily" means sly or cunning (hence the joke in the homonym contained in Wile E Coyote's name).
English literaure is however full of references to moors being "wild" places... and if you've ever visited one in less than perfect weather it is easy to see why... The Hound of the Baskervilles, etc.
The opening line of this song is "Out on the wild and windy moor"...

Strangely beatiful song | Reviewer: Brontefan | 12/24/12

I found this song on YouTube when I was looking for a movie adaptation of Wuthering Heights after reading the book. When I first listened to the song, my reaction was more of shock and repulsion - shock that any person's voice could reach those high notes continuously, and repulsion because I thought it sounded like someone died! But I couldn't get the song out of my head, and I'd heard that to try to get a song out of your head, to listen to it again all the way through to give your brain closure and then listen to another song right away. So I went back to YouTube, listened to it, and absolutely fell in love with it. Yes, the high shrieking notes are rather odd the first time you hear it, but it really fits with the theme of the book, and I feel this odd mixture of calmness and despair when I hear the song. Very addictive. :)

fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/12

this song for me is the greatest sad song ever produced ive loved it since its release, Three years ago i had major trauma in my life and this track helped me through it,it raises emotion for me and so many people feel the same way it comforts me im not on my own
ive also read the book

For my Timothy... | Reviewer: Lizzy | 6/28/12

I have loved this song for ages. Only now in this period of my life has this haunting song really hit home for me. I sing it all the time, only I change the names to fit my situation. It is fun and it hurts like hell, all at the same time. God bless you Kate Bush, you wote and sang the ultimate "woman in love" song!!

Still Haunting 34 years later | Reviewer: Tomsnowboo | 3/30/12

I remember hearing this the first time and loved it. There is a version of it by Hayley Westenra, which I have and is also good and it brought me back to the original Kate Bush version. Wish we could have more music like this these days.

I remembered this song during 15 years | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/12

I first heard Wuthering Heights peformed by Kate Bush in 1993 in a taxi in Montevideo, Uruguay. It really stuck to my mind. However I did not know neither the artist or the lyrics. Some 15 years later, when discussing music with a friend, I mentioned this song. I could remember the melody of the chorus and that the voice was a very fragile female - some Chinese sound. From this description my friend was able to find the LP and let me hear this awesome song again. Since then, I've been listening to it quite often.

Moving! | Reviewer: Summer | 11/14/11

After hearing Kate Bush for the first time singing "Wurthering Heights" I remember playing that song over and over again for hours. I could not get the melody and words out of my head - not to mention her God-given Angelic voice. This song has always remained one of my all-time favorite love songs!

Beautiful fully Haunting | Reviewer: Livvie | 9/20/11

This song, is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Every-time I hear it, I get goosebumps. Its truly beautiful. I first heard it when Noel Fielding performed this song for Lets Dance For Comic Relief and I instantly fell in love with it. I also love This Woman's Work by Kate Bush and all her others too. And I am currently reading 'Wuthering Heights'.

haunting | Reviewer: dinora | 6/8/11

I was a nine year old girl in Brazil when this song came out. My friends and I would create dances for songs and perform to each other and, even though we didn't speak English, we would lip-synch to the songs. "Wuthering Heights" was one of the most memorable songs of my childhood - my friends and I all wanted to sing like Kate Bush. She is amazing, and this song is timeless...

"Possessed to tears"~ true masterpiece | Reviewer: Randy Chavez | 4/2/11

Kate Bush capture's the most compelling and passionate aspects of being possessed by love. The song is a masterpiece and timeless as it captures what the true lover experiences. Such as, The moment Satan was banished by God from heaven for having so much love for him, he could not love anything else.That moment what Satan must have felt when he heard the words, 'be gone!"
I have been possessed by this song and tears easily flow through me and I feel the love and hate the anguish, pain and suffering in the wake of my own drama. This song and Kate Bush are artist and masterpiece and I am lover possessed to tears whenever I hear it~ I feel it deeply and it has a power to move you emotionally to the very painful core of that which is love .
Randy Chavez~ Romantic & dreamer

Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, tender... | Reviewer: Stephen | 12/6/10

I remained speechless! It`s like a picture full of life, longing and impossible eternal love. A touch of spirit sang as a nightingale should cry it========Heavenly voice! I love the novel, I can`t stop loving the very Kate Bush!