Haunting version-Susan Egan | Reviewer: Kim | 2/19/08

Although I've heard the version by Kate Bush herself, I have to say the absolute best version is by Susan Egan (someone who can definitely sing) on her "Coffee House" CD. Her version gives me chills everytime I listen to it--she's just incredible.

You may recognize her name--she was the original Belle in Broadway's "Beauty And The Beast".

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/08

I heared this song once, 9 years ago when i was on vacacions, and i never forgot it. Now, 2 days ago, i heared it by coincidence again. My heart really speadent up when i heared it, and i instantly remembered back when i was sitting in the holiday house hearing this song

wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

love this song, catches you heart at the chorus, and so true. kate bush is one of the few singers whos songs actually mean something. she's brilliant.

Incredible song | Reviewer: Arsbnl | 1/20/08

I heard three versions of this song, the original from Kate Bush, a Heavy metal version from Angra, and the most amazing, a jazz version with the Puppini Sisters. I can't say wich one is the best. I love this song!

Hayley Westernra | Reviewer: Allan | 1/16/08

I saw a cover of this song by Hayley Westernra on Ovatin. She sang it like Kate Bush, anyway i was inspired to read the lyrics as the song is hard to understand. But I loved Kate Bush shes very feminine and her dancing and song genre was always entertaining. my musical tastes are fairly widespread but I know what I like

Headache giving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

Whoever told Kate Bush she could sing needs an urgent hearing test. This song sung by her gives me an instant headache. She cannot sing, she screeches and howls like a banshee. I'd rather listen to Pinky and Perky.

delicate number from kate bush! | Reviewer: dan | 1/13/08

I really love this song,it is a very special one;this song makes me feel so good,kate bush is a very good singer,she had a delicate voice.

have you heard... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

Josh Pyke (Australian singer/songwriter who is absolutely wonderful) covered this song for the No Man's Woman album. I haven't heard the original (although my dad sings it frequently) but I loved this version the first moment I heard it...anyone else?

:) | Reviewer: Bronte | 1/9/08


I love this.

I wasn't around when it was actually recorded, but I'm named after the Brontes, I've read the book, and me and my mum watched this on Top of the Pops 2 the other night and I was like - WOW!

Now addicted.

Even nigela wears socks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

like socks straight out of the dryer, i listended to kate's brilliance striaght after watching the movie. She has hit the spot, the essence of the story. I'll be forever greatful to the lady who exposed me to the crazy world of kate bush. She can see more to life than meets the eye, salada

unique is her middle name | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/08

i love kate bush she always has unique songs, none of them sound the same like brittany spears or lindsay lohan who can't write a song for crap.

She is lovley, has a great voice and no one can replicate her voice or song her songs like her.

Love Kate Bush and this song


gorgeous! | Reviewer: michelle | 1/1/08

oh, this song is maybe for some people a bit strange or a bit special...
there's no other choice, you love it or you hate it!
and I love it :P
it's amazing,gorgeous, fucking good..whatever..?? xD
so...that's it ;)

Love it! | Reviewer: Flemming D. A. | 12/12/07

Actually I had forgotten about this song, but then I was at a Nightwish concert in Copenhagen and the guest act was another band from Finland called Indica. The lead singer Jonsu sang Wuthering Heights - the crowd went absolutely wild!
Later someone reminded me that it was a Kate Bush who sang it back in the 90'ties - had to hear her version again! So great! But the really cool bit is that this is the kind of song you expect never will get re-recorded (properly) because her voice is so unique - but Indica has to record it when they release an album in english, because Jonsu can actually pull it off too! Right down to the excentric look and performance!

ok | Reviewer: anon | 12/7/07

this song is amazing i let my kids listen to it and they love it....they have got the book and they cant stop reading it.
all they want for christmas is wuthering hieghts stuff......

wow | Reviewer: sarah giannamore | 11/25/07

i absolutely love this song. we read wuthering heights in my brit lit class, and before we started to read, we listened to the pat benatar version of the song which i loved. i've been listening to it constantly, and i love both versions (pat benatar and kate bush). i'm more of a rock and roll type of girl so i originally like the benatar version the best, but after listening to the kate bush version i was amazed. kate bush's voice is so mystical and enchanting. its an amazing song, and the book is my all time favorite.