alone on the stage | Reviewer: annie | 1/12/12

this is just another one of her many brilliant songs, it also gives me chills.
I can see the frustrated actor over the arm of a casting couch with his big dreams going nowhere.

when I was in performing arts I would use this song I just love her voice

wow | Reviewer: Brian Lambert | 7/28/11

Very haunting song probably about a homosexual actor unable to fulfil his acting potential by getting the macho, meaty roles he craves. When Kate sings "WOW" in that lowered tone of voice it always sends a shiver up my spine - very sexy.

dancing in the car | Reviewer: bush_baby98 | 4/13/10

me and my sister are kate bush fans! on the way home from orchestra on wednesdays we wld always listen to wow and where she goes to almost a scream me and my sis wld kinda jump and it was gr8 i will miss car journeys with her when she goes to uni