Haunting | Reviewer: reviewer | 7/1/09

This is one of my favorite songs from Kate's latest CD. It's not a "pretty" song, but it isn't meant to be. There's something so incredibly sad about it. The piano and voice arrangement is stunning and reminds me of rain. The lyrics are about doing laundry, yes, and if you look below the surface, they say so much more than that.

Love this song | Reviewer: al | 5/27/06

seemed like the stupidest lyrics Id ever heard the first few times - still dont like the piano idleing sound just before the refrain- But its stunning - better than the best of those old elton john tunes when he was still any good. I cant get it out of my head. Who is this woman in the title?? Lots of questions on the album: whats the story of the coral room? Did Katy O'Bush really just shamelessly rip-off movies like Beautiful Mind (Pi) and Joan of Arc for the crapper lyrics? (And... who is George the Wipe from Moments of Pleasure?) Despite seeming to have secretly wished to be an Irish folk musician for chunks of her musical career, this one seems like more for not trying too hard. I like the way Kate often finds intense poetry in comfortable suburban middle-class-ness, when other rock musicians can get a bit desperate to prove their 'from the streets' crediblity. Looking forward to Tumble Dryer and Dishwasher on the next album! ... but then will any of us live that long?

Yes, indeed, simply Kate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/06

That "it looks so alive" simply tears your heart out, her voice shouting those words is so intense that it just haunts you for days and days.

Simply Kate | Reviewer: madeleine Mitchell | 1/13/06

As with most of Kate's work, upon a first listen, it seems disjointed and almost improvised. There's a sad kind of musing going on in this song, of a life loved and lost, the character continuing through need or necessity to execute the mundane chore of washing clothes, which does little to quell the sensual memories that rise up in spite of this. The emphasis of the clothes being 'so alive' implies the death of the loved one. Anybody who's ever loved and lost will empathise with this song. The melody is beautiful, simple, direct and memorable. The vocals sensual, wistful and gorgeous. Simply beautiful. Simply Kate.