Best Xmas song EVER!!! | Reviewer: Dave Clo | 12/20/13

This song is sooo underplayed but, y'know what? I'm glad. I don't have to get hacked off with hearing it every year on the radio and in the shops. Pogues, Slade and John & Yoko - all ruined by incessant plays.

Good but one little issue | Reviewer: Megan Stott | 12/2/12

It is good apart from
December will be magic again.
Don't miss the brightest star.
Kiss under mistletoe.
I want to hear you laugh.
Don't let the mystery go now.

Kiss under mistletoe.
I want to hear you laugh.

is the wrong way around it should be the laugh bit then the kissing under the mistletoe. Sorry had to be said, great work though

December Will Be Magic Again.-Kate Bush | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/06

Beautiful Christmas song done only the way KB can.
This song should be played more in the U.S. during the holidays if only for variety sake. Gorgeous work!