I have adopted Kate Bush as my "primal mother" | Reviewer: Gerald Long | 1/26/12

This is a beautiful and sad song and tear provoking. Kate Bush has the uncanny ability to touch the passion and pain and romance we all feel in our lives from time to time. If I ever have to be reborn I hope I hear her voice next to my cradle. Whenever the pain from this life overwhelms me I listen to her and am reminded there is real beauty in living and in the soul. IMHO Kate Bush is quite simply the loveliest creature to ever exist...a real angel brought to life at God's whim. Perfections and beauty made flesh! She has been here forever. Can you feel it?

28 | Reviewer: Ben28 | 10/7/08

This is now without doubt my favourite Kate Bush song. What beautiful lyrics and what an amazing way to convey how she feels about the death of her mother. This is my favourite song because of its simplicity and the fact that i can clearly feel her pain, so much so that i cant listen to this song without being reduced to floods of tears... it works everytime!

The bit in the middle about the brown jug and the memory of her laughing in the kitchen... so sad and so painful. Genius though!