olivia marshall | Reviewer: olivia | 5/23/11

hey kasey i love all your songs i sing all of them at school,home,car and every were i went to one of your conserts it was beautiful and i live in manjimup 4 jarrah road please add my gran on your facebook her name is ienz marshall and that means we can be friends talk soon llllloooovvvveeee uuuu

fav little sis | Reviewer: monique danielle schwerin | 11/9/09

hi im one of your biggest fans i have all of ur stuff. i am doing a report on you for my famous song writter in class.

i have all ur cd,s and i would love to meet you some day

lots of cheery love monique danielle schwerin

p.s id love if you could reply

Kasey | Reviewer: Zoe | 9/13/08

Kasey has a very unique voice... thats wat every1 loves bout her... she is a great person and she has inspired many of her fans to pursue a career in music... i know myself... i am considering a career in singing... if it werent for people like Kasey... many people may have never had the guts to get out there and sing... talent may have lied undiscovered... her songs are fabulous... there is so much feeling in them... its not like she is singing them cause she was given them... she sings them cause she knows how it feels... the songs mean something to her... this means that others will know how she feels...
Kasey... every1 one loves you... you are the best eva...
luv ya... zoe... xoxo

Kasey Chambers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

Kasey Chambers is my favourite singer because she is a very nice person and i know because I have met her. She has a great voice and I love the words in her songs.

Kasey rockz | Reviewer: montana | 8/26/07

Kasey is one of the best vocal and normal singers ever. She has inspired me and all my friends. she rockz my world.

biggest fan | Reviewer: Casey irwin | 4/19/07

hey there i am your biggest fan i love u so much i have three of ur albums and i love ur voice
i can sing to most of songs lol
my mum says my voice is like yours
well i gtg bye