Self esteem | Reviewer: Krish | 4/2/12

To all the people who commented. Please raise your self esteem. No one has the right to judge your appearance. And beauty comes from the inside, not the out. Raise your self esteem and confidence, and you'll find that people will change their opinions. If you act like a downer all the time, then ofcourse people wont want to be around you. No one likes a downer!

Great | Reviewer: Flic | 1/30/12

I feel exactly like this song describes me. I don't have so many friends and lots of people don't like me. I'm not amazingly pretty- nice smile and nice eyes- and people don't always get where I'm coming from. I'm happy though, but I still feel like this song is perfect for me. I'm worried that people think I'm not pretty enough, or fashionable enough and I listen to very different music- rock and heavy metal- and I know I'll never be good enough when there's a guy I really like. This song helps me- so thanks anyone who reads this- you are understanding a little piece of me.

What this song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

This song is about kasey getting REPEATEDLY knocked off by record labels. Listen to the lyrics. I guarantee you will go "aaahh i get it now. But yes all of your comments fit well with this song aswell.

Not pretty | Reviewer: Emma | 8/17/11

This song describes my life right now. I'm in love with my best friend. He has a very specific physical ideal. He's even told me that he wants a girl to have my personality, but fit his physical ideal. I'm literally not pretty enough.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

Thos song is perfectly summing up how I feel at the moment... I have a distorted body image, and I don't feel pretty because of the people around me. Kasey has produced a song which describes who I am. I don't have many friends, and this is exactly how my life is at the moment...

touching song | Reviewer: NKJ | 1/4/10

11/10, believe me Kasey you r extremely beautiful at heart.The honesty and innocence of the lyrics is extremely moving, and describe perfectly the heart-breaking situation of millions who try so hard just 2 show people that they r good people and deserve 2 b loved. Being pone myself, I can understand how frustrated such people can b when they r not noticed 4 showing how much they care.People may label the song as empo or depressing, but i believe that on a deeper level this song reflects beautifully a painful and ignored part of life

Well... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

Rather than speaking of an experience, I think it instead brings up that long spoken about issue of body image, really. Of course, it relates to many people, but it rather brings up the issue of how we think about ourselves....

A Song I Can Relate To | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/08

I am so comforted by this song. I am going through a difficult break-up with a man who loves me, but not enough. The words of this song are a comfort to me because they express exactly how I feel and exactly the questions I've asked myself. Knowing that someone else has felt such feelings strongly enough to write such a song about them makes me feel less alone in this experience. Thank you.

Not pretty enough lyrics | Reviewer: Jess | 1/24/08

Hey this songs is totally cool i give it 10/10 it really reaches to my soul and makes you think things you never think about in a long time

1 good song

dang thts gud | Reviewer: christine | 10/12/07

omg this song freakin rocks seriously its like a 10/10 seriously it tht gud i sang it at mi school concert nd every1 said its such a great song nd apparently mi voice matches tht song but for the other songs not soo much lol bravo best song eva m8

omg | Reviewer: emz | 10/7/07

i luv this song i hav this song on ma i pod and i always listen to it. it's 1 of ma fav songs. i no all the lyrics of by heart. this is the only song ive herd by you bt i think it's the best. well done

your good | Reviewer: Zoe | 9/20/07

To Kasey

I think you are very good at singing and i think that all most of the children in my class like you.

From one of your fans Zoe.

My name is Zoe | Reviewer: Zoe Wilson | 9/20/07

To Kasey
Hi, My Name is Zoe and i come for gunalda 30 ks out of Gympie> But i go to theebine state School. I really like you.

From Zoe

Song, | Reviewer: franessca | 8/14/07

Its great
I cant Express How much i really love it.
She has such a Powerful Voice
& the Lyrics
are so meaning full.
too tennagers just like mee
Well done.


BB | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

Yepp! Great song! XX
Uno Problemo !!
It is a little depressing. Perhaps you could sing more about how you overcome your fear of being ugly and shy.