Broken | Reviewer: Relate | 8/7/14

I remember my Ex boyfriend who left me all alone without saying a word. The next day, i saw his facebook. He was in a relationship with another girl just after he left me.. It was 2days before our monthsary.! I start asking my self when he left me "Am I not pretty enough?" But when i saw his new girl.. I told myself that "Yes! I'm pretty enough!".. Well... Too bad.. His new girl has a terrible face.. She sucks!

Heartbroken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/14

I Love this Song.. Its like... Its Only meant For Me..

aS The Guy i Love.. Left me.. N settle with a New HoT girl..
why?!.. Am i Not pretty enough?! :( Its my Heart tOo broken?! :( Do i cry too much?? :( am i tOo oUtspoken??? .. :'(

Harry Pocock | Reviewer: Harry Pocock | 4/8/14

So, long story short, this guy made me prargeant and then he left me. I cry myself to sleep every night while listening to this song. Ive never felt so sad, angry and horny at the same time. I wish i had a beautiful black man by the name of Aaron with me :(
Im still open lads ;)

Aaron Clark | Reviewer: SwagLord | 3/30/14

This is a terrible song, i am sorry. I broke up with my boyfriend recently and this song really helped me pleasure myself. I did it near the moonlight. I also done it near Taco Bell and it was the most romantic feeling i have had by myself

LOVE | Reviewer: Madison | 3/25/14

i love it and relate to it and i can't say much but i love this guy i know i am in 5th grade but he is beautiful but he broke up with me and he went for my best friend(now my arch enemy)

:) | Reviewer: Shari | 9/25/11

shes got an amazing voice that can take her to alot of places. i love this song because it reminds me of all the stupid useless cows that ive dated. everything isnt about looks. its about who you are and what your like. so all the girls that read this, remember you are pretty enough :) oh and boys if so.. :)

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

i really love this song, i'm only 13 but i love how it is such a really deep song. gets me crying evreytime. the part where she aks if she not pretty enough is my favourite song part. i wish more girls would ask me this so i could say to them, that they were pretty enough.

Looks arnt everything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/11

I Love this song and I myself Feel Like I get treated differently... but i dont judge Girls For their looks cause i used to be Fat and i wasnt notice By all the "Pretty Girls" But Then i lost the weight and their finally realing Me, but from that experience i have learnt not to judge people by their looks but what they trully are on the inside :D

true blue | Reviewer: Dr Simon Facius | 12/30/10

This song is actually about a puppy Kasey adopted in the winter of 85 that had been hit by a three-wheeled motorbike that sadly lost two legs. its owners didnt want it because it didnt have any skin or back legs and kasey, as a 9 year old, took it in. its written from the little battlers perspective, projecting his fear of being ostracised from mainstream "cute puppy" society because of his disfigured appearance. hence "am i not pretty enough". my heart goes out to him, even though now he is well dead.

Broken heart | Reviewer: heartbroken | 11/19/10

This song is so true for me right now, The boy i love recently broke up with me because he found someone hotter and more beautiful. I love this song so much and it expresses the pain that me and so many other girls are going through everyday. Boy need to wake and see that the perfect girl may not have the perfect looks

Growing up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

I'm a guy, but this song has been almost a revelation to me, as poppy and catchy and seemingly shallow meaning as the lyrics are. I think it's about how tough it is for a adolescents, especially girls growing up. People often see through these individuals, be they a teacher, parent, friend, or a crush and this song is almost a tribute to the pain those people face on a regular basis.

The meaning behind the song | Reviewer: joyce | 5/31/10

Love this song,I watched her being interviewed when it came out in Australia and its actually about the fact that the media hardly played any of her stuff,she said that if she was pretty and bubbly (her words) then maybe she would get some airplay.....

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/08

its so sad.. if you know the anime bleach then youll see that this song matches perfectly to orihime inoue. because she is in love with him and he doesnt even notice her.. uh.. i feel like crying !!

Beautiful | Reviewer: chuckles | 7/1/08

this song is beautiful and so relatable and perfect for any day because really everyone has felt like this at least once. it also shows how steriotypical we can be about looks. its rather ridiculus. he should love her!

am i not preety enough | Reviewer: Mimi | 6/23/08

this song=amazing
i think the guy she is talking about is really stupid he needs to maybe look a little closer and he will see what he is missing in his life and then maybe he will be a little more happier because he found the perfect one...