Wow!! | Reviewer: Lucy | 6/28/07

This song is amazing, really well sung and written!!! i sing it all the time, practising it and i plan to sing it one day infront of people!!!!

i know! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

it does sound childish, but this is how I actually feel right now and im sure alot of other girls do. And just because something is sad, doesn't mean it's emo!

About the song Am I Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers | Reviewer: Jen | 5/23/07

i like it.....who ever said it whiny doesnt have kids.... now thats is whiny

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

this song made me cry and it always will because i can relate to it

My fav song ever. | Reviewer: Jami | 4/24/07

ii luv the person who sings this its my fav song she has a great voice...

amazing | Reviewer: Stephanie | 4/22/07

i love this song! casey is not emo, i dont understand how you could think such a think, no offence to anyone, it's your own oppinion. but i truely love this song. its amazing.

hay | Reviewer: kyla | 4/5/07

hay that was ok but the people in it wernt that good the real people would be so much better and its no sootabol for yonger kides but the song is still kool

u go girl | Reviewer: hannah | 4/4/07

i love this song i sing it at singing lessons

loved it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/07

this song nows exatly how i feel... it keeps me going, knowing that im not the only one who feels this way

Song relates to me | Reviewer: Cookie | 3/21/07

The song relates to me right now and its fun to sing. It is an ok song 1 of her good ones. | Reviewer: briana | 1/31/07

this song is ok but it is a bit too self-pitious (if that is a word haha) good voice though and still meaningful. if she wrote it for that reason, then good job, but other people put it up on their pages on myspace/various personal pages, and for no other reason than that they have no self-confidence or esteem. it can get quite annoying. but thank you for your contribution to the music world anyhow.

Great Song!! | Reviewer: Kalila | 1/16/07

This song was written for a REASON! Let me tell you about that reason and maybe you guys thinking it's an emo song will just hush!!

Casey is an Aria award winner in Australia. She came to the states to try for a recording contract here and was turned down because, "You aren't pretty enough!"

Talent isn't in a person's looks. It's in their voice! She is goth but sings country. I say GO GIRL! We don't see your face on the radio anyway.

Awesome song and lyrics written in answer to that shallow record producer here in the states. She didn't let it get to her.. she just wrote a song and it sailed to #1 in Australia!!

Emo song | Reviewer: Bangin' Biatch | 6/2/06

such an emo song. . .its ok, but sounds like a four year old is singing it. . . .w/e thou

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/05

This song is amazing, it is personal to everybody. Anybody who can't relate to the lyrics are self-centered pricks. She seems to know exactly how people get hurt. She is an amazing insightful woman and i have complete respect for her and for this song.

I think that this song is probably one of the best songs out there. It always makes me feel better when i'm feeling down, so Kasey Chambers... Thank You!

Die Die Die Kasey Chambers you hideous she-beast | Reviewer: Roger J Dodger | 3/19/05

a whining, pointless lament. This is the kind of song that all right-thinking
people agree needs to be not merely banned, but put up against a wall and shot.

no stars