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------ performed by Kasabian

There's somthing awsomely odd about this song... | Reviewer: Dan | 5/5/09

i can't quite put my finger on it, you just have to listen to it and you'll know what i mean...

but my main point is that i really really like the outro to this song, its the main reason i listen to it. the electronic syths are arranged so perfectly it just sounds so great i could listen to it again and again and again...

I was high when I heard this first | Reviewer: Roose | 11/26/08

This is one track which really facinates me. The music itself reminds me of a cosmic sci-fi style setting, even the name has a bit of science fiction ring to it. The lyrics on the other hand give me a sense of something medieval, what with kings sending knights, cattle grids and sons stealing gold etc.
The track uplifts and sends you faaaar out there, sheer electronic brilliance.

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