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Karnivool | Reviewer: Jaydon | 3/29/09

I was first introduced to Karnivool by a bloke at work. From the first time i heard this album in was so amazed at how i couldnt stop listening to them play. I couldnt turn it off. The whole album was continuously playing in the ute for 6 months. The first time i saw Karnivool was at Southbound in Busselton this year (09). They had the last set of the last day and it was unforgetably. It was purely amazing. The area was packed and they had the whole crowd going crazy. Im so proud to be a west aussie because im proud of the music Karnivool has produced. Cheers guys!!!! cant wait for the new album comin out in May. take care, WA proud

Themata | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

OMG talk about impressive! All i can say is, being an aussie makes me even prouder!! Recommended album MUST HAVE!! Cant wait till you guys release your second album, i know it'll top Themata 4sure.

Karnivool - Perth premier heavy alternative | Reviewer: Adrian | 8/12/05

Since I can remember, I've been a fan of the 'Vool. I first saw them at the BIG DAY OUT festival here in Australia in 2004. They put on an unbelievable set, and got the crowd really pumping. After the Persona EP was released with some awesome tracks, their fans were screaming out for an album.

Finally in 2005, Karnivool released their full length album "Themata" And what an album it is. Since then they have toured all over Australia, but not forgetting their roots back in Western Australia, deciding not to be tempted to move over east to Sydney or Melbourne.

I can assure you that Karnivool's fan base grows every day, and with in a few months, should be a major international player in the hard rock/heavy metal category.

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