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Soul lifting | Reviewer: Vanessa Martin | 8/27/14

Mrs. Sheard is a very uplifting Blessed and highly Favored women of GOD very inspiring Keep up the Good WORK keep Praising and Madnifing GOD to the fulness for He alone is Worthy to be Praised.It is in Him that we live and have our being.

such a blessing to be in the house of the Lord | Reviewer: mia banks | 10/16/12

On 10-14-12 I had the pleasure of being in church and Mrs. Karen Clark Sheard delivered an awesome message. Her work for God is so real I could feel it all over me. Thank you for the most up lifting praise I've received in a long time.

Dear Karen C. Sheard, | Reviewer: Jeelyn and Joshlyn Glenn | 6/17/12

We've been listening to your music since we were little. We're triplets but Joshlyn and I are the best out of the three (; Your music inspires us both. We also can sing as well and we hope to see you one day. We love you so much. God Bless. ♥

I love Karen Clark and her daughter. | Reviewer: Dahunsi Florence | 11/3/11

From the bottom of my heart, I thank God for the song (you loved me by Kiera & Kiki). Sincerely, it encourages me at all times, it assures me that I'm loved by the greatest being. I got it from a friend and it came at the right time. You're a blessing to this generation. God bless you and your ministry in Jesus' name. I love you! FLORENCE.

Suggestion | Reviewer: Somie | 9/5/11

Dear Brother/Sister,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

I am Somie, from Pakistan. Urdu and Punjabi are the biggest languages of this country. I visited your website and impressed by your work. I have one suggestion regarding booklets, sermon, tracks, and Bible studies and recording, it would be good, if these will be available in our native languages in Urdu and Punjabi. Reaching out to the people in their own languages is very helpful, affective and fruitful. If your ministry is interested and keen to reach unreached and untold in Pakistan with the materials in native languages, I can arrange to translate for messages, bible studies, biblical tracks, books and also Urdu page on your ministry website. Our all services will be provided with reasonable rates and whatever we get we use it to spread the word of God.

Would please to hear from you.

With prayers,

She's a blessing | Reviewer: Steven debra | 11/16/10

Karen don't just know what to say your a blessing to this generation and am so happy to be in this generation,my prayer is that,one day this grace your carrying will come on us the upcoming gospel vocalist.

Am Short of Words | Reviewer: Debrah Mike Oahimire | 7/19/10

Thank God for investing in Karen Clark-Sheard. Her ministry is a blessing across the globe and especially in the little corner of my room. The anointed and God-purposely given lirics and voice brings me back to track taking me to throne room to commune with my God.The result is discipling because the inspiration from her music launches me out to be a blessing to many others.God bless and keep you excellently. Please keep the good work.

ALL INSPIRING!!!!! | Reviewer: Sammie | 8/10/07

I have all of Karen Clark Sheard's cds. I have never been disappointed by any of them. She is very innovative and definitely anointed by God. When I listen to her deliver a song I always get the message in full. Even her strong contemporary music is potent with a strong message of Jesus Christ. Her demeanor is one a quiet still person and then she hits the stage and you wonder is that the same woman I just saw sitting there. Then you realize it is because she is so full of God's power, anointing and His perfect gifting. She is an excellent psalmist!!!!!

The Safest Place In The in the World | Reviewer: Jabari Muhammad | 8/3/07

August 3, 2007
To hear the voice of Karen Clark Sheard is one the greatest things a person can witness, to me it is like getting a chance to meet a very prominent person. I was blessed to have heard God's voice and still continue to hear God's voice from one of God's chosen and annoited ones who allows God to use her to the fullest. I believe that Karen is a good example of how God can and will use you if you submit your will to do God's will. I was raised in the C.O.G.I.C and was blessed to have witnessed mother Mattie Moss Clark and all of the Clark sisters and i am so ever grateful that God allowed me the oppurtunity to have winessed to hear them in person in many, many Convocations in the past. The Clark sisters gave me a reason to listen to gospel music and today i love and appreciate traditional gospel music. I pray God's forever blessing upon all of you talented sisters and i hope and pray that i may get another oppurtunity of hearing you all again in person, in this life. Luv you dearly!
your Brother
Jabari Muhammad

absolutly awesome | Reviewer: shemeka | 7/27/07

I just love to listen to karen, her daughter, her sisters,but especially karen. She up lifts me like no over songtress can, I clean my house and listen to her and end up in a full on praise. How amazingly blessed she is. I also am a singer and her runs give me a vocal work out. I just love her!!!



Powerful Singer | Reviewer: Threcio Phillips | 12/12/06

I Love to hear Karen Clark-Sheard sing, her words and her expression is so powerful, she is truely annointed. Keep on singing for God.

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