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Performed by Karen Clark-Sheard

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God is here | Reviewer: Josiah cookey | 1/14/13

Wen i heard ds song i ws touched nd i promise 2 sing it in my church.after i finished singin it i ws carried away in d ream of d spirit.i tank God so much who has given karen d inspiration,i pray God 2 gv u more Amen. my name is josiah am 4rm nigeria

God is here | Reviewer: Josiah cookey | 1/14/13

Wen i heard abt ds i ws angry wit d pple dt tld me abt ds song bt wen i finished listenin 2 it.i sheard tears nd i carried away in d spirit may bless u karen nd continue 2 gv u more inspiration Amen

He Indeed Spoke To Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/12

I ws heavily burdened bt wen i heard dis emotional song....i felt sooooo relieved.... I'l live to sing dis song al d days of ma life... May God bless u Karen n Giv u more inspirationz to reach out to hungry n thirsty souls..... Indeed God Is Here

He's mighty | Reviewer: Ugoh precious | 10/30/12

My name is precious, i am pleased in heart and joyous when i had this songs of Karen. Is so touchin and delighting to hear about His (GOD'S) glory abiding with us. And i belief am changed to a glorious nature in Christ Jesus our king. Helluyah He's here

God is Here by Karen Clark-Sheard | Reviewer: daphbirch | 8/29/12

This song is very emotional for me. It really reinforces the message within me that God is Here and no matter what troubles you have facedand are still facing just lay down your burden and believe God is always HERE to see you through.

" How sweet the atmosphere can be.......!!!" | Reviewer: e.winston caisey....... bailey's bay, bermuda. | 5/6/12

" the uplift from this Holy Ghost filled powerful song anoints me even in my darkest hour. It has been penned with a soul stirring message and you cannot help but feel the power of GOD'S rest upon you and comfort your every burden as you sing this song from the heart with thanksgiving. Sis. Karen Clark-Sheard GOD used you abundantly to minister this song to heal the broken hearted. GOD bless you is my fervent prayer for you!!! I am more than overjoyed that " GOD IS HERE".......Hallelujah and PTL!!!

God is here and it awesome | Reviewer: Olamilekan Tuki Micheal | 8/11/11

Wow God is here is a good inspirational song that have console every one's mind, the song build faith in such a way that the choir is telling the church that God is here to heal the sick.
Oh is wonderful.

This is indeed spirit filled. | Reviewer: Adeyemo samuel obadare | 7/23/11

The first time i heard this song,my mind condemn it.oh my God! By the time i ministered the song,i didnt minister to church alone,but it was a powerful minîstration to myself.i'm always blessed by this song.i sing it everyday and it solves my problems.this is my testimony about the song.i implore u also,tap into the annointing of the song,and u wl hav ur testimony.

krabis | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/24/11

Wow, I'm so blessed. hearing this song makes me think about the Lord all the time. It makes me think about all the sins I've done and all the miracle that he has done,

sorry, My name is Sara and I come from Samoa. I live in Australia.

God is Here | Reviewer: Ethelyn de Freitas | 11/10/10

I am trying to purchase the music sheet with the words and noted of God is Here by Karen Clark-Sheard. I tried calling every where but I cannot get it. Could you please email me and let me know who I can purchase it. I would appreciate it very much. If there is somewhere else I can purchase it please give me a telep# to call. Thanks

Blessing unto my soul | Reviewer: Jackie | 10/11/10

I recently saw a young lady mime this song and it blessed me tremendously, that I have been in search of Karen's CD (Heavens are Telling). I can not get enough of this song. The anointing over her voice and the words to the song are so POWERFUL that I too will be ministering this song through MIME at my Pastor's Anniversary.

My prayer is that God will decrease me and move through me in a mighty way that someone is blessed by the song/mime and coming running proclaiming the name of Jesus, that someone wants to give their life to Christ....coming running shouting "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Speak Lord!

words of blessing | Reviewer: karen lyken | 8/24/10

My name is karen lyken I am a prayer and worship leader. This song has bless my heart somuch that I always sing it before worship. One of my family members was having surgery and I found myself singing this song until I heard that the surgery was successful. I am truly blessed with this song.

A Taste of the sweetness of God's Presence | Reviewer: LydiaB | 5/19/10

The first time I listened to the song, my spirit was leaping inside of me - I could not contain the joy and exitmentment that I experienced and I screamed! Every time I sing this song I become aware of the presence of God and I just lay down whatever might be hindering or troubling me.

Daughter of God

Truly blessed | Reviewer: Priscilla Grace Omotayo | 12/31/09

This song has realy touched my life telling me to get settled in any condition i might find also discusses the essence of God's love to humanity,whispering in a silent voice saying 'take your cross and follow me,my yoke is easy and my burden is light'and if one should ever bliv in him,he shal b saved.Am solely n richly blessed with this song.HALLELUJAH

touching | Reviewer: ariana | 10/6/09

the first time i heard thissomg i didnt know what it was saying but when i heard it in creation scapes i was touched and was soaked in the anointing of th HOLY SPIRIT. THANKS kAREN FOR SUCH A SONG. BE BLESSED

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