Fuzzy Jones family is trying to get in touch with you Kanye | Reviewer: Christine Family from FUZZY JONES | 12/7/13

Dear Kanye,
We want to thank you for using Fuzzy Jones voice in your music.
My name is Christine family from Fuzzy Jones (Alty Salmon).
Please get in touch with us. We are a very big family and fuzzy is not unknown. We did not know that you were looking for us.
We need to talk...NOBDY KNOWS fUZZY LIKE ME we grow up together
The family want to talk about Fuzzy Jones ( Alty Salmon from warsop Trelauwny Jamaica).
You make Fuzzy dreams come alive!!
We love you but we want you to know and reconise the LEGEND Fuzzy Jones. His son need your help!! Please help!
I dont know how to find you so i am trying this way to get you a message.I am living in Holland but the rest of the family is in Jamaica.


Inspirator | Reviewer: Clyve Breezywest | 10/11/11

Lyke drake, man u de best! i wish i wud meet with you & tel u hw much i hated 4 the past yearz bt talk of present u turned out 2 b my role-model. I wish u wud make a beat. Im headin 4 the top so i'll need mo inspiration bro! kip it up.

kaneasy | Reviewer: gbeynggah | 5/18/11

men...i got lots of things to say but,i got to spilt but few , dat brother kanye is my best rap artist and his best song to me is drug dealing,it really soulful am from Nigeria i wish to meet him one day.

Hotlyrics. | Reviewer: Barack Obonyo. | 4/14/11

Kanye West is definately the most promising lyricist alive. The guy's so creative and very hard working. I think I'm his biggest fun alive. He keeps on unveiling hot albums with cool songs every year. GO TO THE TOP MR OMARI AND JOIN LIKES OF PAC AND BIGGY.

the best ever......take them back 2 school, Mr. West | Reviewer: scarface | 4/6/10

Mr. West is so creative i give kanye credit where its due, he can handle himself on the mic Kanye has infamously labeled himself the "self-proclaimed first nigga with Benz and a backpack",go mr. West ur de best i know the ever test......ur number 2 biggest fan.........

the best rapper everyday and in the world till the world come to an end | Reviewer: benjamin ayim | 8/17/09

you are the rapper who no one can mess up with ...............you let 50cent know you are the boss.i always like your song,the sog i really like is i go for my,i got you shine i really like that song alot ..............GOD be with you always

soul beats :p | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

I think Kanye is better at beat making than rapping,but at least he's versatile.I dn't like all the auto-tune stuff but heartless was alright. I guess he wanted to try something new on his new album which proves his heart is in the music.

di best rapper alive | Reviewer: sadrene | 12/6/08

kanye omari west is the best rapper alive, im not saying everyone else is whack, ive been a kanye west fan from di get go. i love kanye and i buy all his albums, he is di best dere is no compition and i intend tu get married tu kanye west one day, sadrene berry now, in a year imm be 18, and ill be mrs. west if yu nasty. lOl.

Tha King of Hip hop | Reviewer: Kaydosit | 12/2/08

Kanye your tha man your words have sole meaning and poupose in each rime ur rapping .As u came to nz this week i got to see my idile on center stage duing ur god given talant on ur glow in tha dark tour . Thank you , your right dreams du cum true even if magic made .much luf always ..... Katye ..

kanYe, i'm feelin you | Reviewer: _ladY mohawK_ | 10/15/08

alright, imma be straight and say dat i wasn't feeling him at first, but i actually listened to a few songs from his *GRADUATION* album && den i went out and actually bought tha album which is something NEVER do [LOL] but after i bought that album i actually went out && bought all of his other albums, but anyways i love kanYe. he's tha only artist thats creative. i can listen to another song that's produced by him && i can immediately recognize that kanYe produced tha beat cuz he has that certain 'swagger' and everywhere he goes he takes it with him.

he's tha only artist, so far, whose albums i'll buy, i'm lookin forward to buy more of his 'art'

kanYe, if you readin this... i jus wanna say thank you for stayin true to tha rap game && bringin that 'real-ness' to our ears. you're a big brother to all of us. [..much love..]

Momma' Please | Reviewer: Carlos E. | 10/8/08

I am from Chicago, still here and enjoying this wonderful city. I lost my Mother not too long ago and for years during her sickness and my growing up, I was angry and displayed lots of emotion.
I saw Kanye on Ellen today and I felt a shy man that misses his Mother while protecting his privacy in an opened book and doing what he loves.
I wish I still had the youth that he has, foe I would be out there too!
Kanye if you read this, let's discuss MW job!

One of the best rappers. | Reviewer: Platinum B, the first blind rapper | 8/4/08

I am blind so I need a lot of music that will keep me up from all the things I go threw. Kanye's "Stronger" and "Champion" r great songs that I listen 2 when I'm goin threw a lot of things. Keep the great work up Kanye. I look up 2 u like I look up 2 2Pac or Chamillionaire. U r like 1 of my big brothers that cheer me up when I need it. Please keep up the great work Kanye cause I need u.

ilovethisfoo<3 | Reviewer: thebest:]<3 | 7/1/08

omg. kanye west is the best evr<33
he has soo manyy creative songs
that will blow yur mind.
he is noo poser!!!
like the rest of the so called
so im am VERY proud to sayy
kanYe west
is the best lyrical writer
that has messages
in his songs:]]
ily kanYe <33

best rapper alive for rite now or of all time | Reviewer: MRKooL005 | 2/8/08

i dont really have alot to say but kanye west is one of the most creative artist you will ever hear. ppl say lil wayne is the best im sorry to say that he is just in the spot light and soo his light will fade away ino hip hop history. kanye has been on goin sence his 1st album dropped.i hate the way soulja boy and those damn easy raps think there so great it has no mean to it it cant help anyone out except retards that have no mind of there own and are controlled by the media

o ya britney spears is the best rapper alive

a song fo nita | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

do u see me go crazy like a lil bitch in heat on yo ass eatin u up like u was a piece a meat i dont need to take yo shit like a toilet wit yo hiv positive urine soakin up da bowl while i watch u shit in it i aint never been da type to insult some lil ho online but ima be blunt bitch you just fuckin crossed the line so how you like it being trashed before the muthafuckin world trashed like yo last infant child u little diarrhea whore. i give kanye credit where its due. u wanna disagree wit me fine but dont insult me just cuz i have a different opinion. kanye is an amazing producer. period.