kanye is the man | Reviewer: Lerato Matsoso | 10/18/07

KANYE WEST IS THE FLIPPIN REMIX TO THE FUTURE AND CANT NO ONE TOUCH HIM. i mean his music is real and it just goes to show that u dont need bitches and hos to be heard and be known. i feel him all the way from South Africa and i know that he is loved all over. Hate him or love him Kanye is here to stay. he is taking hip hpo to new hights. HE deserved the award but all comes in good time and i know for a fact he will get an award and Graduation is the climax of his music. Kanye for Life.

Mr. West is the man | Reviewer: Kevin | 10/16/07

A Kanye your a excellent rapper for real. To me you're reviving Hip-Hop it's not always what kind of clothes you wear, or the type of shoes you got, or what kind of car you driving, to me Hip-Hop is about expressing yourself, putting all those people trash talking back in their face. That's what you did the first two records were tight, and speaker bumping, but this one Graduation was like that for real, I mean you outdid yourself on this album especially. I see why you outsold 50 Cent by 600,00+ sales in the first week(not saying you're a horrible rapper or anything). Yeah keep doing what you doing 'Ye, show people that Hip-Hop is being revived....BY YOU!!!!!

Great music to collect welfare by. | Reviewer: Bianca collects food stamps | 10/12/07

This poor excuse for a taxpaying, child raising, proper english speaking human being embodies everything wrong with modern rap.Steal another car, assault another law abiding person,murder more of the english langauge.If it offends and takes little thought,this filthy house boy can pull it off. Just read the misspelled ramblings of the fans of this field worker and pray for 40 more Katrina cleansings for our country.

What's the 'hype' about?... | Reviewer: John Armstrong | 9/29/07

He's just another person who thinks he's more than he is and the lyrics back that up. Never thought he was to 'swift' in the first place.

Beastie Love 92' | Reviewer: Beastie Love | 9/19/07

Just want to say that Kanye is a natural. You can;t knock the hustle...He is unique and that is what we love!

Beastie love

Kanye to the | Reviewer: .:IKONE Prod:. | 9/17/07

..."Wait 'til I get my money right...Then you can't tell me nothing right? Excuse me, is you saying something?Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing"...
At the end of the day everyone recognizes that he makes some good sh*t...

West is an idiot | Reviewer: shack | 9/12/07

Kanye West is a complete moron. Anyone who would listen to his crap has lost their mind. All he can do is blame everyone else for everything. What a chump

he is the best | Reviewer: bubble | 9/10/07

i dont know wat 2 say about kanye i love him love his music he's style and evrytn else abt him he speaks the truth in his lyrics and i love the way he uses d choir and insruments in d background he is the best i have his 2 albums and im goin 2 buy graduation wen it comes out how der 50 cent challenge him. i love stronger never let me down jesus walks cant tel me notn. u can hate but i lov him

Braveheart | Reviewer: Joe | 8/28/07

Kanye is not the truth but he knows it. Unlike, the other rappers he speaks the truth. Therefore, what he says is truthfull. Basically, I am very thankfull to Kanye West for his music. As an american, I recognize that Kanye West is a real American. Ties to the south and urban city. In the year 2004 I started college at the age of 17 going on 18. This is the same year he released the album college dropout. When I heard the song "All falls down" I knew their was something peculiar about this person. As I heard him expose all the lies, I realized that he was more than a rapper to me. He was my brother. Funny how things happen, but personally I started going to church regularly as a youngster at that time.(I'm 20 now)I listened to Inspirational songs that are very good for teens in a hypocritical world. I must mention that he has great background music aswell. Ultimately, his music has influenced my identity. Peace

how tha fu | Reviewer: msash aka nyana/son | 8/20/07

he did not win an award but we all know the dude deserved it .. check dis we all know or have heard the dudes music.. the gent is god to this sh he saved this sh .. how the fu can u give t.i an award on his debute album and not give west who brought back those that had turned their backs and were walking away from hip hop.. what artist does not want to work wit kanye? tell me dat sh

appreciation to kanye | Reviewer: Christian G | 8/15/07

i'm great fan of kanye,because i love his styl.i'm chadian student in nigeria,and every day i use to listen to his songs.so keep it up my nigger.thanks

oooohhh...so blind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

how people can respect that kind of an attitude is beyond me...who loses an award and still goes onstage to stand there and look like a f****n idiot...people respect that???thats what people "admire"? dude cant even take criticism, and he's a "great mc"???? too funny o.k kanye...you keep right on believing you're God...what a joke

"I always knew taht one day they try to bring me down...." | Reviewer: Bianca | 2/13/06

Kanye is the best out there is nothing or no one that can hold him. He got the looks, the swagger, the rhymes and the talent, what more can i say? Haters only make him who he is today and his confidence is always misinterpreted. We got the same conidnece and nobody cant put us down. Thats my husband 4 lyfe and i will always support whats good.lol. Ms Louie Vitton Don signing out.

The Truth | Reviewer: Gary Smith | 2/8/06

Kanye is the truth. I would elaborate and explain why but there is no need to yall already know. And to all the haters its probrobly eating you up right now to see him on top. "They might talk a certain way about Kanye but at least they talkin". STOP HATIN. "ITS ALWAYS SOMEBODY THAT'LL SHOOT DOWN ANY DREAM. THEY'LL ALWAYS BE HATTERS THATS THE WAY IT IS, HATTER NIGGAS MARRY HATTER BITHCES AND HAVE HATTER KIDS."

-kanye west

The King of Chi -town! | Reviewer: Leah | 11/11/05

When i first heard Kanye's unique style, i went crazy.FINALLY! A real MC with talent.Not that there aren't any good MC's but he came just in time, in my generation. Being a teenager and not really knowing the real hip hop back in 87' he gave that feeling to me.I know he'll make history.