shut d HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Nita | 12/10/07

OK kanye is the best rapper of all times!! and he is a gift to everyone.and FOOL shut d hel up and dont talk about his mum like that you heartless idiot!!!! and if you r expecting more from him he will give you more but you can us a favour and make your own song so we can see how pathetic you are.LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

mixed feelings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

I will admit that kanye has a lot more talent than today's so called "rappers" (e.g. - T.I., Mims, Lil Jon, and anyone else who thinks two or three words is a good song) and I love the song "Stronger" but as a person he is a poser. He grew up in the suburbs, but claims it was the ghetto, and actually compared himself to Jesus Christ, which is very stupid and ignorant. Keep making music, Kanye, because that's the only way you will get any sort of respect at all.

kinda sorta changed my mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

as someone who has asserted they know alot about music i guess that its no suprise that even after panning graduation on this message board that my veiw has changed. kanye has definitely grown as a producer on his new album as if he wasnt ahead of the game enough. i do however stick by my beleif that he is regressing as a lyricist at least a little bit some of his songs on graduation were very well written even though they are kind of typical of rap. kanye is also digressing as an emcee i beleive but when you think about it his production has always been tht show cuz he was never a great emcee and he can still write great songs when he wants to. so hes not a great rapper so what if he were to focus on rhymes he wouldnt be able to go crazy with his production. its not perfect but ill take it.

tell u wat! | Reviewer: vini | 11/30/07

Kanye's creative doin his own thing and standin out. really timez hav changed 4 the worse creative wise and beleive me;this decade's new MCs wont come any better than this!!

Kanye is MUSIC | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

Kanye is the best rapper ever! He is a genious and I think all 3 of his albums are amazing keep up the good work man

what a letdown continued | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

ok tO dude feel free to disagree with me but dont call me an idiot cause i know way more about music than you ever will know. admittedly i dont know alot about hiphop all ive heard of lil wayne r his collabs. speakin of which how much lil wayne have you heard. ya shouldnt judge a guy just by a couple of cameos. but about kanye i hate how everyone says he raps about stuff that means something he does on dropout and a little on registration but the guy commits a crime of writing songs that shift lyrically from trying to mean something to be about nothing like diamonds or the otherwise brilliant stronger. and i didnt actually say that graduation was crap i just said that i wouldve expected something better from kanye. and im not on his back cause im jealous i wouldnt be jealous of guy whos mom just died. yeah thats what i gotta say.

the best thing ever | Reviewer: terrence | 11/19/07

the first time i heard him sing was the changing day of the hip hop scene in the whole wide world not only for me but for everybody else out there

? | Reviewer: Mz.I'm so Trenton | 11/15/07

I'm nont even goin 2 front like I've been a kanye west fan for years but I do have to say that he is incredibly talented.. YouLre suppose to relate, feel, and appreciate the music you're listenin 2.. Mr.West couldn't have came out with the Graduation @ any better time.. When I first heard the first single I felt as though he actually knew what I was goin thru.. His cd takes me 2 a whole another place.. Thank u Mr.West

yea yea yea | Reviewer: DARIA | 11/8/07

U noe wat people u will never understand why everybody loves kanye cause u just jelous,write at least one song like his song ,u cant even do it cause KANYE IZ DA BOMB!

fall back or fall back | Reviewer: KCdaman! | 11/6/07

ive never seen so many haters. kanye is the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to this HIP HOP thing. im so glad kanye came out when he did, because our generation needs some real hip hop in our lives, no dis to rap, but we need some of that real knowledge. and if you think kanye sucks, then you obviously havnt been LISTENING to the music, or youre to dumb to understand what the man is saying...and 'music to collect welfare to' that was the most racist crap ive ever heard in my life, take that garbage somewhere else, save it for your KKK and Neo-Nazi forums. if you dont want to listen to the music, then go to a website and just read the lyrics. ITS ALL KNOWLEDGE!

italiana pricess | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

this column is not very inforamative of all that has happened to kanye in his life time n not helpful to discover the real kanye

words | Reviewer: merc | 10/30/07

wen he sings his words actually mean something there not just trying to make him look kwl
he is totaly the best and akways will be xx

Kanye is genius | Reviewer: Elisa Allgood | 10/30/07

I love kanye's music. He brings music to life. Its incredible.I cannot get enough of any of his beats!

R u Serious? | Reviewer: tO | 10/26/07

The Anonymous person is an idiot. graduation is one of his best cd's you dont know anything about hip-hop and real music if you think that graduation was bad. a real bad rapper is lil wayne.

what a letdown | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

i love kanyes first 2 albums but graduation is major letdown. stronger is the only good song. this disc was more overhyped than the new high school musical. im still a fan but i cant call west a genious the way i could before.