totally cool | Reviewer: Rickie | 11/3/05

i really think dat Kanye West is a total genius , his music is way far from da likes of other musicians & i simply love it .Kanye i think your so cool ,love ur style ,nothin should ever hold you down.

kanye da say we down but not out | Reviewer: Herks | 6/22/05

kanye he doin it if its in the studio or tha mic he keeps putin orginal stuff all falls down classic jesus walks classic workout plan classic he can spit and produce

Kanye West rocks | Reviewer: Brad | 7/15/04

Kanye West is my favotite rapper he has done so much for other people's albums befor he made his own. My friend's cousin is going to the Usher concert in Toronto and when i found out i really didnt care because I don't really like Usher but when Kanye West was announced he would be playing at the concert i got really mad cause i had a chance to go to the concert.LOL