Jamie Fox | Reviewer: Al | 5/24/2006

Jamie Fox is a class act. He can sing, make you laugh, and act.

Remember In Living Color? His characters were hilarious.

See him in Ray? He got an Oscar award!

Been in the military? He was a great Sarge.

He's a great interview on Jay Leno and the like.

One Night has smooth lyrics typical of rhythm and blues at its finest.

It is a song and performance that screams boo-yah.

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Great Stuff | Reviewer: Patricia | 11/15/2005

I am Jaime Foxx's biggest fan I truly appreciate his work and think he's an amazing musician this is a great song anf fun to listen to.

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Jamie's finally back | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/2005

I love the song although I wasn't sure it was Jamie at first. He is official and I hope he re released Peep This as well.

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