r u there | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/13

hello r u there can u hear me if this the last call well let me speak clearly i came along way catch me throwing up the roc with a bad bitch on my side im just using fa the night but diamonds r forever and a girls bestfriend and im married to the money with my diamond in the air if u r satisfied with your message plz press* or hang up beeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!! lendo and i get dough im the newest member of the rocafella team and im a hold it down and do my muthafuckin thing

Good show...Mr. Rocafella | Reviewer: Sade Henry | 10/20/04

Man o' Man, this man is killa! I gotta give this song...the entire album to muthaf****in' thumbs up! I really learned a lot about Kanye's struggle as well as the struggle to rise in the music industry. Thanx, Kanye for the insight! whenever ya lookin' for some adjacent talent, hit me up. God bless!