Reviews for Jesus Walks Lyrics

Performed by Kanye West

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Great Track but is it gospal? | Reviewer: Phill | 4/24/07

To any one readin this, this is a great track and certainly gets the message out to people who may not here it otherwise, i quote these lyrics:
"But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh?
Well let this take away from my spins
Which will probably take away from my ends
Then I hope this take away from my sins
And bring the day that I'm dreaming about"

If i get this right, hes suggesting that because he's singing about God, that this will right his wrongs? If that is the case then surley its not scriptal, as it says in the bible that you cannot work your way by heaven by doing good deads, because we all have sinned and fallen short, only by the grace of God can we enter heaven. What do you guys think? I still think its a good track tho ;-)

The true meaning of Jesus walking | Reviewer: A true believer | 4/20/07

Ok so a few of you said that this song explains Jesus well, or that this isn't garbage like some other songs. Actually it's just as full of garbage as many other songs. Kanye does not reveal Jesus in His true light. Yes Jesus walks but He does not walk with the unrighteous. Kanye sings about doing bad things and wanting Jesus, who is the Holy of Holies, to follow him. God is the one who should be leading. People say my Jesus is offensive but it's offensive to Jesus and me that people would speak against Him and curse His mighty name.

Jesus walks all over us | Reviewer: Suzanna | 4/18/07

Get over it!
Like you don't swear hypocrites!
And if you say you never did, it's bull crap!

It shows emotions and captivates listeners..
It's not offensive, it realistic.

wow | Reviewer: fercho | 4/15/07

i love this song Lyric so strong...
god bless every one...

Jesus Walks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

I like Kanye West. He has songs about everything, not just the sterotypical rap music. This is a good song for everyone.

prper kwl an happenin track | Reviewer: danny c | 2/24/07

yo sapenin yall i jus lv this song cos i can relate 2 it as i was in court an i was found giulty but thn a year later i was realesed as the poilice had made a real big mistake u keep rappin kanye respect 2 yuall

sweet song....people be misinterpreting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/07

kanye is the song
however, all the christians saying God is happy with the song...might be misinterpreting it.
YES God loves all types of people, drug dealers, prostitutes, EVERYONE and he does look over everyone
HOWEVER, kanye refers to him almost as protection
"We ain't going nowhere but got suits and cases
A trunk full of coke rental car from Avis
My momma used to say only Jesus can save us"
God does love and protect everyone, but you cannot just go break the law adn push drugs and then ask for his protection so you dont get shot. Jesus isnt a tool, you can't just "use" him

Still a great song but please try to understand what the song is saying before passing judgment praising kanye for his faith.

He Da Man | Reviewer: Chris McGuckin | 2/8/07

That's great that rap can actually be about somethin rather than throwing d's on bitches or making it rain on them hoes. After D.M.X died, so did rap.

This song rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/07

I alwayz loved kanye west's songs, but this song like literally talks about the lord in it, and it's true, even if he swares in it a lil bit, he's showin that he has some compassion with the god, and it also relates to footprints by t.o.k

Great! | Reviewer: Ramona | 6/29/06

This song is clearly a message song. I don't know what ya'll are talking about that says this song sucks! Kante west is on to something! if only people would open there eyes and see!

shutup evry1 | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/22/06

evry1 who says this is shit is just stupid its very gd song of our time which expresses the war and everything good its one of the best songs that gives out a good religous message of our time i am 15 yrs old from england

I LOVES IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/06

It's tight how a rapper can talk about jesus and its true!!!!!!!!!! love the song and listen to it because it shows how jesus is LORD!!!!!!

not happy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/06

I haven't heard the song, I don't listen to rap. The point is I don't agrre with the cover at all. It looks like your trying to convey yourself as christ. YOu didn;t go through what he went through, you shoudn't have the right to put that crown on and symbolize that you are the great I am.\

Making your own Jesus... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/06

This is yet another example of the "Jesus of the Market Place" where the concepts of people’s beliefs are exploited by some for the all mighty dollar.

More idolatry will not help us have the faith to be set free from oppression and self degradation. We need a savior. A real living experience with a God that can change a life and make it new. Save us from exploiting each other by using things to exploit our brothers and sisters and while we are killing each other the real enemy sets back and laughs.

This song shows the hunger for more but leads its listeners into more oppression and even exploits beliefs for the all mighty dollar. I hope Jesus does come and walk with us and teach how to lift each other above oppression and self degradation.

You can talk about Jesus w/o proselytizing...and talk about race w/o blaming.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/06

This song is dope. It is uplifting, unique and well executed.
"I aint here to argue about his facial features, or here to convert atheists into believers, I'm just trying to say the way school needs teachers, the way Kathy needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus..."

Anyone who seems to think that this song "blames white people" is clearly buggin. Just because someone addresses the issue of race does not mean he or she is BLAMING YOU. The previous reviewer is too sensitive and immature to write a review of such a song if that is the case. He is implying that the oppression felt by some (or all) blacks, has, in his case, made him look toward spirituality.
"They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us, saying 'We eat pieces of shit like you for beakfast'..."

If Kanye "holds grudges" like the ones identified in the previous review, he wouldnt be where he is now. Give him some credit, he is an intelligent rapper, on a level that seems to exceed your extent of understanding.

As far as offensive language, a curse here and there, when done well, adds to the feeling of the song. Not everyone considers all the uses of curses to be offensive...It is part of language..


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